UDS RM16M Rack

Versatile Motorola RM16M 16 slot enclosure

Whether using dial or lease line modems with restoral, DSU/CSU's or ISDN, the RM16M is the right choice. Power options include 115 VAC, -48 VDC, 230 VAC; RJ45 or Mass Termination in a rack mount solution, the RM16M shelf is THE product of choice.

 The born again UDS/Motorola chassis
Telenetics RM16M Rack


Fits any standard 19" or 23" electronics rack

Supports Telenetics' broad family of RM16M communications cards

Snap-to-backplane segments permit an exact equipment match on a slot-by-slot basis

Plug-and-play installation to optimize uptime

All RM16M cards have their own power supply

Problems with an individual device will not disable an entire shelf

Convection cooling, no fans to break down

Supports up to 16 Motorola RM16M cards

To Order the - new SunRise RM16M Rack system

62005201 RM16M 19/23" Model 1 Mod jack ac
62005202 RM16M 19/23" Model 2 Mass term ac
62005203 RM16M 19/23" Model 3 segmentable ac
62005220 rm16m 23" model 20 mass term dc
62005221 RM16M 19/23"Model 21 mass term dc
62005223 RM16M 19/23"Model 23 segmentable dc
62005224 RM16M 19/23" Model 24 mod jack dc
62005227 RM16M 19/23" Model 27 dual mod jack ac
62005228 RM16M 19/23" Model 28 Dual mass term ac
62005233 RM16M 19/23" Model 33 dual mod jack dc
62005234 RM16M 19/23" Model 34 Dual mass term dc
62005502 RM16M 19/23" Model 27 dual mod jack 230v

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