Motorola V.3400 Modem

V3400 - V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial - Leased Line
 2 wire dial and 2 & 4 wire lease line VAC VDC power
AC and 48VDC powered RM16M rack - chassis - modem card
AC and DC power  and 230 VAC available

  • 6209540000010 V.3400 modem S/A, 115V
  • 6209540400010 RM16 V.3400 nest Card modem
  • 6500301900800 V.3400 S/A to nest card
  • 6209540000058 V.3400 S/A DC VDC modem
  • 6209540200010 V.3400 S/A, 230V modem

V.3400  MODEM

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V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial/Leased

28.8K bps Sync; Up to 115K Async w/V.42bis Data rates: 28.8K (ITU V.34), 14.4K (ITU V.32bis), 9600 (V.32), 7200, 4800, 2400 (V.22bis), 1200 (212), 300 (103) bps LCD front panel for local and remote configuration Preset option configuration simplifies set-up Multiple levels of password and callback security 2 wire dial and 2/4 wire leased line Fully ITU Group III fax compatible FaxTalk Plus fax software included DC and 230 VAC available



    Width            7.0 inches (17.78 cm)

    Depth            10.5 inches (26.67 cm)

    Height           2.25 inches (5.72 cm)

    Weight          2 lbs. 13 oz. (1.28 kg)

Front Panel 32 ASCII character LCD

 Environmental Conditions


 Operation      +32F to +122F

(0 C to +50 C)

 Storage         -40 F to +158 F

(-40 C to +70 C)

 Humidity :0 to 95% relative humidity: noncondensing

 Power Requirements

The modem can be ordered for operation with one of three power input options.

 Voltage:         115 Vac 10%;50‑60 Hz,230 Vac 10%;50‑60 Hz, or 12to60 Vdc

 Power consumption: 14 watts

 Telephone Line

Balanced 600 ohm type 3002 or equivalent16 dB nominal loss, frequency translation up to 10 Hz

 Digital Interface

    Conforms to ELA-232D and CCITT V 24


Modem Data Rates

300,1200,2400,4800,7200,9600,12000,14400,16800,19200, 21600,24000,26400,and 28800 bps.

 Fax Rates 
14400,12000,9600,7200,4800,2400,1200, and 300 bps

    V.34, V 32, V.22, N A21, N A27 bis, V 29, Bell 103, 1117,1133, 1122 bis, V.32 his

Fax Modulation

    Modulation                  Speed

    V.21 channel 2              300 bps

    NA27 ter                    2400 bps

    NA27 ter                    4800 bps

    V.29                           7200 bps

    V.17                           7200 bps

    V.17                           7200 bps with short train

    V.29                           9600 bps

    V.17                           9600 bps

    V.17                           9600 bps with short train

    V.17                           12000 bps

    V.17                           12000 bps with short train

    V.17                           14400 bps

    V.17                           14400 bps with short train

 Internal Transmit Clock Frequency

 Selected bit rate 0.01% 

External Transmit Clock Frequency

    Selected bit rate 0.01%

Transmit Output Level

0 to -30 dBm, selectable; PSTN operation is programmable or permissive.



4‑wire, 011‑duplex, leased (private) line; 2‑wire, full‑duplex, leased (private) line or PSTN

 Carrier Detect Level

Dynamic to -43dBm

 Telco Connection

8‑pin modular jack, dial and private lines


511 PN pattern (per V.52) V.54 remote loopback control

 Line Equalization

Automatic adaptive

 RTS/CTS Delay

From 0 2 ms to 90 2 ms, user selectable in 10 ms increments

(The default is 0 ms.)

 Link Layer Protocols

V.42/V 42 his error correction and compression protocol

MNP levels 2‑5 error correction and compression protocol









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