DCE MIU56 V.90
password security
Industrial Grade Modem

ITU-T V.90 56,000bps MIU56 modem with password security for industrial, utility automation applications -
ideal for harsh and varied environmental conditions

The DCE MIU56 Industrial Modem is a V.90 with additional features and extra versatility that make it ideal for industrial local or remote unattended  operation. Special attention has been paid to ensuring that the modem restarts reliably in the event of power interruption or internal malfunction. The modem incorporates the latest generation digital signal processor (DSP) that enables new features to be soft-up-loadable when they become available. The new MIU56 provides data transfer rates of up to 56 Kbps. Its robust standalone case construction provides the most reliable operation in the most varied of conditions. The MIU56 is intended for industrial, utility automation and OEM markets where the application requires a modem to deal with the harsh and varied environmental conditions.

MIU56 modem 56Kbps

  • 2-wire Dial & Lease Line

  • 56K Dial/33.6K LL

  • Password Security

  • Remote Configuration

  • Stand Alone

  • Approvable Worldwide

  • Universal Power Supply

  • Voice Alert Functions

  • Temperature 30 to +70 C

  • Panel or Wall Mount Holes

  • Extended AT Command Set

  • DC power with sleep mode


Specifications for the DCE MIU56 modem

ITU-T V.90 56,000bps

ITU-T V.34 33,600bps

ITU-T V.32bis 14,400bps

ITU-T V.32 9600bps

ITU-T V.23 1200/75bps

ITU-T V.22bis 2400bps

ITU-T V.21 300bps

Synchronous/Asynchronous Data Yes

ITU-T V.42 Error Correction MNP 2-4, MNP 10EC

ITU-T V.42bis Data Compression MNP 5

Maximum Throughput 230, 400bps

Fax Send/Receive Speeds 14,400bps
(Class 1 & 2 )

Voice Capable Yes

DES encryption Yes

Dial Back Yes


Power Supply: 90 to 240 VAC or direct 6 to 14.5 VDC

Temperature: -30 to +70 C

Humidity: 0 - 95% non condensing

Housing: Metal Casing

Dimensions: 50 depth x 88 width x 35 height (mm)

Network Connections: PSTN via RJ11

2 wire leased line via RJ11

Handset Connection: RJ11

Data Connection: RS232/V.24 via DB25F connector

Data Interface: RS232 via DB25F

User Configurable Hardware Options: 1. Reset Factory Defaults

2. Leased Line Enable

3. Leased Line Answer/Originate

4. Async/Sync Leased Line

5,6,7 (User Configurable)

User Security Database: 20 users

Minimum System Requirements for the MIU56 modem

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