Wireless 108Mbps Ethernet Bridge

  The AI108-4 is designed for use anywhere that fast and affordable wireless bridging between 2 sites is required.  Utilizing 802.11a hardware technology and proprietary bridging software, the AI108-4 provides up to 35 Mbps of actual throughput for building-to-building communication utilizing 5.25-5.35 GHz.

Upgrade from 802.11B bridge links and increase your capacity by 5x. You gain the capacity you need and can still use your 802.11B bridge as a backup link, because the AI108 (5.2 GHz) and 802.11B (2.4 GHz) bridges do not interfere with each other. 


Product Highlights

The AI108-4 Ethernet Bridge delivers a comprehensive range of product features, ensuring fast, secure and reliable networking services, including...

Data rate of 108-12 Mbps
using AIRAYA’s adaptive intelligence (AI) engine.

Range up to 2.5 miles (4km) under FCC and Industry Canada
rules. Up to 12 miles with external antenna options and radio output power settings (local regulations apply).

Compatibility with all standard Ethernet switches and routers.

Web-based antenna alignment diagnostics tool
, which simplifies antenna alignment and maximizes system throughput.

In band web-based configuration and management tool
provides simple user interface for configuring network, security, and administrative options. In-band management is performed via the same web interface.

MAC address link authentication and proprietary SecureRF radio link encryption for secure point-to-point communication.


AI108-4 features:

  • Simple to use web configuration utility

  • No license required.  FCC, Industry Canada, and Mexico certified

  • Built-in RSSI (Signal to Noise) Indicator and Antenna Alignment Tool

  • 108, 72, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12 Mps data rates (depends on distance)

  • 16QAM, QPSK, and BPSK modulation

  • Receive Sensitivity: -71 to -82 dBm

  • Radio Output Power - Factory configurable up to 21 dBm.

  • FCC and Industry Canada Max EIRP = 30dBm

  • N-Type Female Antenna Connector

  • 25ft. of LMR-400 antenna signal cable with Male N-Type Connectors on both ends

  • 23 dBi Outdoor Antenna for links to 5 miles

  • Full Range Power Supply (Input: 100-240 AC, 50-60Hz, Output: 3.3V, 4.0 Amps)

  • LED status indicators for Power, Network, Network Activity, Radio, and Radio Activity.

AI108-4 Wireless Ethernet Bridge - PDF of Specifications    

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