Microwave Radio System

The 875 LAN+T1 Series Microwave Radio System is a low cost, high bandwidth, radio system capable of transporting full bandwidth LAN traffic and T1 telephony up to 3 miles.


 875 LAN+T1 Microwave Radio System


he Series 875 LAN+T1 Microwave Radio System is a low cost, high bandwidth, radio system capable of transporting full bandwidth LAN traffic and T1 telephony up to 3 miles. The radio system offers the following features:

The Ethernet interface of the radio system supports all 802.3 protocols and includes an AUI connection to network devices and BNC connections to the microwave unit. The T1 data interface of the radio system supports Bell Standard 100 ohm, two-wire twisted pair designed to connect to telephony and multimedia interfaces. No on-site programming is required and no additional test equipment is needed.

The Series 875 LAN+T1 system provides point-to-point connections for hubs, bridges, routers and repeaters allowing full 10 Mbps Ethernet connectivity. The 875 LAN+T1 interface has been designed to connect directly to standard T1 PBX's, Channel Banks or Telecom Multiplexers without the need for additional equipment. The 875 LAN+T1 also supports full duplex Ethernet LAN operation (20 Mbps) allowing connection to full duplex devices such as Ethernet switches and adapters. Multiplexed LAN and MULTIPLE T1 access is also available for telephony and multimedia applications.

The Series 875 LAN+T1 is designed for rapid installation and alignment without special tools or test equipment. Rugged, modular radio design for ease of service and field support for years of trouble free operation in harsh weather conditions.

The Series 875 LAN+T1 23GHz
Microwave Radio System offers the following features:
  • Standard IEEE 802.3 LAN Interface
  • Standard Bell T1 1.544 Mbps Interface
  • Standard 10 Mbps or Full Duplex Ethernet
  • Lightweight package 7 Ibs (3.2kg)
  • Interference free operation
  • -30C to +55C temperature range
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Compact Size 9" antenna
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain


Frequency Range 21.2 GHz - 23.6 GHz
Input Voltage 11 - 24 VDC Range
Modulation FM
Duplex Full Duplex
T/R Separation 1.2 GHz (Adjustable to any CCIR Rec. 637 plan)
System Gain 143 dB
Power Consumption 35 W
Size 10.6 in. diameter X 11.5 in. depth
Weight 7 Lbs. (3.2 kg)
Mounting Bracket attachment to 2.5 in. dia. pole
Emission Designator 36M0F1D
FCC Identifier CA6875
Power Output 18 dBm Typical
Frequency Stability +/-.03 %
Type Gunn Diode Oscillator
Sensitivity (1E-6 BER) -65 dBm
Type Single Conversion with AFC
Noise Figure 12 dB
IF Frequency 140 MHz
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Size 9 in. (22.86 cm)
Gain 30 dBi
Beamwidth 3.8 degrees (3 dB)
Operating Temperature -30C to +55C
Storage Temperature -40C to +65C
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
Wind Loading Withstand 125 mph wind
Radio Interconnections
Microwave Transceiver 1 V p-p 10 Mbps
Two RG-59 75 ohm BNC (female) connectors
Align and Power 6' multiconductor cable
LAN+T1 Multiplexer Unit
Power 110 or 220 VAC input
Mechanical 1.75 in. H (1RU) x 17 in. W x 7 in. D
5 lbs
Environmental 0 to +50C
non condensing 95%
LAN Interconnections AUI male (standard 15 pin D)
Full Duplex Ethernet Switch selectable
T1 Interconnections Six position terminal strip
100 ohm twisted pair (TX/RX)
Line Build-out 0-655 feet (switch selectable)
Radio Interconnections RG-59 BNC (to 950 Radio)
Status and Alarms
Power, System Status, Telecom Status, LAN Status, Bit Error Rate, Local and Remote Loop Back

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