Wireless Spread Spectrum Modem
Microhard Spectra-910

Microhard Spectra-910, Wireless Spread Spectrum Modem
Our proprietary radio technology has evolved to meet the demands of the toughest RF and physical environments.  With superior noise rejection, sensitivity, and extended temperature range, the Spectra 910 excels where many other transceivers fail.  The feature-rich Spectra-910 allows easy interface to new and old field equipment. 

  Spectra-910    Wireless 900 MHZ Spread Spectrum Modem
A pair of Spectra-910s provides a practical and reliable alternative to using traditional analog phone-line modems or "null-modem" serial cable (RS-232) connections for data communications between serial communications equipment. Moreover, wireless data communications using the Spectra-910 means you will benefit from: greater flexibility and freedom to relocate serial communications equipment; reduced cabling hassles; eliminated requirement for access to wire-based transfer media such as telephone lines; no ongoing access fees; and, the ability to communicate through walls, floors and many other obstacles.

Microhard Systems' Proprietary
radio Technology has evolved to
meet the demands of the toughest
RF and physical environments.

The Spectra-910 is the most recent addition to Microhard Systems' family of RF modems.  Our attention to customer feedback has resulted in the most comprehensive set of features for SCADA and telemetry applications.   Users now have the ability to deploy virtually any topology of network, including unlimited repeater capability, RTS/CTS framing, Modbus compatibility and many other data formats.

  Features of the Spectra-910

  • Transmission within a public license-exempt band of the radio spectrum (this means that the Spectra-910 can be used without access fees such as those incurred by cellular airtime)
  • DB9 RS-232 serial I/O data port with hardware flow control (allowing the Sprecta-910 to interface with virtually any communications device with an asynchronous RS-232 port such as a computer)
  • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, repeater operation with user-configurable addressing
  • No limit on the number of repeaters you can cascade.
  • User-configurable encryption key maximizes security and privacy of communications
  • Twenty different user-selectable pseudo-random hopping patterns to offer the possibility of separately operating multiple networks while providing security, reliability and high tolerance to interference
  • Built-in CRC-16 error detection and auto re-transmit to provide accurate and reliable data
  • User selectable FEC
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and IC (Industry Canada) approved

 Technical Specifications

   Data Interface       Asynchronous RS-232, 9-pin female D-sub
   Signals       Sig. Gnd, TX, RX, DCD, DSR, DTR, RTS, CTS
   Data Format       8N1,8N2,8E1,8O1,7N1,7N2,7E1,7O1,9N1
   User Interface       AT command line interface
   Bandwidth/Data Rate       1 2400 - 115,200 bps, uncompressed half-duplex  
   Communications Range       2 20 miles line-of-sight or more
   Memory       Non-volatile configuration memory
   Operating Modes       3 Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Repeater-Slave
   Power Requirements       9-30 VDC, 1 Amp
   Power Consumption       490 mA (Max) at 1W transmit, 200 mA receive (12VDc input)
   Frequency   (North American Version)    4 902 - 928 MHz
   System Gain      137 dB
   Sensitivity       -107 dBm  @ 10-6
   Minimum Signal for Synchronization       -110 dBm
   Out of Band Rejection       >70dB
   Inband Rejection       >60dB
   Adjacent Channel  Rejection       >50dB
   Output Power       1mW, 10mW, 100mW, 1W (user-configurable)
   Spreading Code       Frequency Hopping
   Hopping Patterns       60 pseudo-random, user selectable
   Error Detection       CRC-16 with auto-retransmit, FEC
   Enclosure Material       Milled aluminum, raven-black baked powder coat finish
   Dimensions (WxDxH)       Encl: 3.72" x 4.25" x 1.72" (95 x 108 x 44mm)
   Antenna Connector       Reverse gender TNC
   Weight       Approx. 420 grams
   Operating Environment       5 Temperature: -40 to +70C; Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
   Approvals       FCC, IC

        1. Other baud rates are available.
        2. Line of sight with unity gain  antennas
        3. Repeater also function as Slaves. There is no limit on the how many repeater you can deploy. 

        4. Other versions available for Australia and New Zealand.
        5. Optional -40 to +85C available.

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