Remote Power Control,
Automatic and Remote Data Circuit Switching,
Remote Control Systems,
Alarm Monitoring and Reporting,
The Solution to Ring-No-Answer problems.

Products for Remote Site Management

Remote Power Control

Reboot remote systems from phone, modem, terminal, workstation. Control 1 to 8000 outlets via dial lines, wireless or LAN

Automatic and Remote Data Circuit Switching

These product protect critical data circuits with automatic backup to alternate dial or dedicated links.

Remote Control Systems

Control Power, Circuit Switching or relay functions at remote sites. Why drive to a site when you can pick up the phone?

Peripheral Sharing Products

Save Money on Dial Lines and Modems. These switches allow one resource to do double (or quadruple or...) duty.

Alarm Monitoring and Reporting.

Monitor remote sites or your entire data center with alarm reporting to a PC, workstation or personal pager.

Products of Special Interest to Internet Service Providers!

The Solution to Ring-No-Answer problems.

About Dataprobe

Dataprobe is a manufacturer of a wide variety of data and voice communication products. For over 25 years, Dataprobe has been manufacturing innovative data and voice communications products. Serving carriers, government agencies and corporate users, Dataprobe's mission is to provide quality equipment, service and engineering support.

Since incorporating in 1969, Dataprobe has been offering products and services to the data and telecommunications industry. The products we offer are used by most of the regional Bell Operating Companies, national carriers, such as AT&T, MCI, Sprint and many others. Leading brokerage firms, banks, financial information services, international record carriers, national and regional paging systems, as well as a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies have incorporated Dataprobe products into their vital communication systems. The primary driving force at Dataprobe is SERVICE. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer customers a high level of application, configuration and ongoing technical support. Dataprobe has been prolific introducing innovative products that offer cost effective solutions to meet our customers. Our products fall into two distinct areas; Automatic Switching Systems for data and voice circuits and alarm reporting and remote control. Within the first grouping, our Dial and Digital Backup Systems, Fallbacker & K-BU products have been in use since 1980. Over 10,500 active leased lines are backed up with our equipment. Dataprobe continually introduces new products to keep abreast of the latest ISDN, T-1 and other communication systems. K-AB series of automatic and remotely controlled communication switches are widely accepted by our industry and have resulted in OEM arrangements with several major equipment suppliers. The Smart Line products allow remote control and monitoring of communications networks from anywhere in the world using an ordinary tone dial telephone. Dataprobe's Mini PBX, The Call Director, allows several telephony devices to be remotely selected and interconnected to a single dial line.

The ANN Communicating Annunciator and MAC line of products have been very well received by our traditional customers and other industries. Combining multi input alarm reporting and control together with flexible datacommunications has proven to be much in demand. Our graphical PC software allows remote operators to " See and Hear " events that require immediate action.

Dataprobe occupies a modern Hi-Tech 20,000 ft. facility in Paramus NJ. We have a staff of creative engineering, technical and sales personnel who are highly motivated and trained to service our clients. The equipment we manufacture has proven highly reliable in the demanding environment required for disaster recovery and alarm reporting services. Dataprobe continually seek to fulfill our primary goal of supplying reliable and innovative equipment to our customers.

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