Magnum 1000 
by Garrett 
DC powered
Workgroup Hubs

DC powered 12, 24, 48, 120 VDC  and AC power 
10BaseT rack-mount HUB
Has a durable metal enclosure, and internal auto
ranging AC power supply for all standard power environments
Optional DC power supplies

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Magnum 1000 HUB  FEATURES

  • DC powered 12, 24, 48, 125 VDC  and AC power

  • Low cost flexible "plug and play" Ethernet connectivity solution for workgroups

  • 8 - 16 - 24  port models, with front mounted twisted pair ports and per port status LEDs

  • Rear bonus port provides optional bridge isolation and/or backbone connection to any media

  • Supports any combination of PCs, Macs, UNIX

  • Has a durable metal enclosure

  • Internal auto ranging power supply for all standard AC and DC power environments  

The Magnum 1000 Workgroup hubs provide an inexpensive flexible solution for small to medium sized workgroups via shielded or unshielded twisted pair cabling. Magnum Workgroup Hubs are full function Ethernet repeaters that can operate as stand alone hubs or interconnect into larger networks of any media type.

 Magnum Workgroup Hubs Models 1008, 1016, and 1024 offer eight, 16, or 24 front mounted shielded RJ45 ports respectively, plus one or two additional special purpose ports in the rear. One front RJ45 port has a switch for use as an up link port to another hub or concentrator. The robust units have a metal enclosure, front mounted status LEDs, and an internal power supply. They may be rack mounted or installed in a wiring closet, or on a shelf or tabletop. 

For performance oriented workgroups, the Magnum 1000s have a unique configuration option that enables a bridge port module to be incorporated into the rear bonus port slot, providing full 10 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth to local workgroup users. The bridge module segments the local users, keeping unnecessary traffic from the central network from impacting local bandwidth. This increases network performance for all users. 

For installation and operational flexibility, Magnum 1000s can also be configured with a repeater port module in the bonus port slot to provide interconnection to a backbone, or to a user or special device, via any media type.

 Magnum 1000 Workgroup Hubs are compatible with all networking software environments and support full length twisted pair segment distances. All models fully support the V2.0/IEEE 802.3 specification. Like all Magnum products, they are designed and manufactured in be USA and are backed by a three year warranty.


The client/server computing model calls for clusters of users and their local servers being deployed throughout the organization. These workgroups are networked, and need a local hub that can be inter-connected into the central network.

Small workgroups of five to 20 users require a low-cost "plug and play" hub for simplicity and economy. Modem workgroup hubs also need the flexibility to provide for central network connectivity via any media type, simple expandability through cascading, and bridge-isolation for high performance workgroups.

When workgroups need higher performance, segmenting and/or bridge-isolating the workgroup from the rest of the network traffic is an accepted practice. Bridge-isolation is superior to most segmentation schemes because it allows isolation of local workgroup traffic for increased network performance while also maintaining the workgroup segment's logical connectivity to the rest of the network. Software is not affected by bridge-isolation.


Magnum 1000 Workgroup Hubs are available with eight twisted- pair ports for low cost, and with 16 or 24 twisted-pair ports for larger workgroups or network expansion. All models have an internal universal power supply, a rugged metal enclosure, convenient status-indicator LEDs on the front and shielded RJ-45 port connectors which support both unshielded and shielded wiring plugs.

Magnum 1000s may be used standalone or may be interconnected to operate with larger network systems.


The first RJ-45 port is equipped with an up-link switch. This switched port may be used for a cascaded connection via twisted pair into a larger central network in the organization, or may be a regular local user port.

Shielded RJ-45 port connectors, standard on all Magnum 1000 models, support either unshielded or shielded twisted-pair wiring.


Status LEDs, located on the front panel with the RJ45 ports, display information about the operation of the Magnum 1000s and the associated workgroup elements. These LEDs show "Power on" and "Activity" for the hub, and LINK (operational) status for each individual port.

Rack mount brackets are standard items for 16 and 24 port models.


All Magnum 1000s have a bonus port in the rear, which may optionally be configured with a Port Module (PM), a RPM or a BPM module. This provides flexibility to connect into any standard Ethernet environment.

Magnum 1016 and 1024 models have a basic AUI port in the rear as standard, in addition to the bonus port. The eight-port Model 1008 comes with the basic AUI port when its bonus port is not specified for an RPM or BPM.


Magnum RPMs may be installed in the Magnum 1000 Workgroup Hubs rear bonus port. These RPMs are also used for Magnum X-line products and in the bonus port options of the Magnum 3000 Stackable Hubs. Each RPM is full-featured for use in any physical layer Ethernet applications.

Six models are available including BNC with an internal termination switch; TP for both unshielded and shielded 10BASE-T wiring with an uplink switch; standard AUI; DTE for direct AUI (male) cable connection; FST

Or support of multi-mode ST-type 10BASE-FL fiber (2.0 Km) and the older FOIRL (1.0 Km) specifications; and SMF single-mode ST-type fiber which supports Ethernet single-mode fiber lengths of up to 10 Km.

Magnum RPMs provide repeater-type signal quality maintenance, including preamble regeneration, data re-clocking, fragment  extension, collision detection, and jam generation. Each

RPM will automatically partition its network segment in the event of excessive collisions, and then will re-activate when acceptable transmission quality resumes.


Magnum BPMs may be installed in Magnum 1000 bonus ports, as an alternative to RPMs. They provide bridge-isolation for the local workgroup's Ethernet segment.

Magnum BPMs contain a compact local bridge module that filters and forwards packets at full Ethernet wire speed. These miniature bridges are self- have small address tables (256 users), and provide plug-and-play bridging services for their segment and associated networked devices.

By using a BPM to bridge-isolate a server-based workgroup which has a significant amount of local network traffic, overall network performance can be significantly increased. Application software is not affected.

For example, a Magnum Model 1016 with a group of workstations and servers connected may carry heavy local network traffic among its users, and relatively little traffic to outside users. A BPM connecting this segment into the rest of the network would keep the local workgroup's traffic off the rest of the network, and also keep the rest of the network traffic away from the local workgroup. This increases the network bandwidth available to all users, both locally and up-stream.

The Magnum BPMs are available with BNC, RJ-45, AUI, and multi-mode fiber-ST media connectors.


Data Rate: 10 Mbits / second

Partitioning: Enforced after 32 consecutive collisions

Reconnect: Occurs after 512 bits of error-free transmission

BPM Auto-learning Address List: 256 nodes capacity

BPM Filtering and Forwarding Rate: 14,880 pps max.


Ethernet V1.0/V2.0, IEEE 802.3; 10BASE-T.



Ambient Temperature: 32' to 120 F (0' to 50 C)

Storage: -20'C to 60 C

Ambient Relative Humidity: 10% - 95% (non-condensing)


Power Input Voltage: 90 to 260 VAC (auto ranging)

DC power option - 12, 24, 48, and 125 Volt DC

Power Input Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz

Power Consumption: 20 watts max - 12 watts typical


Front Ports: 
    Model 1008: 8 shielded RJ-45s 
    Model 1016: 16 shielded RJ-45s 
    Model 1024: 24 shielded RJ-45s

Bonus Port: 1, for any Port Module (PM).
Note: see "X series" for PM specifications


Power Connector: IEC recessed male, rear mounted


Enclosure: Rugged high-strength sheet metal. Suitable for standalone or rack mounting. Rack mount ears included on the 16- 24-port models.

Dimensions: Model 1008:

8.5 in x 7.5 in x 1.75 in

(43.2 cm x 19.1 cm x 4.45 cm) Model 1016 and 1024:

17.0 in x 7.75 in x 1.75 in

(21.6 cm x 19.7 cm x 4.45 cm)

Weight: Model 1008: 3.4 lb (1.6Kg) Model 1016: 3.1 lb (1.4 Kg) Model 1024: 3.3 lb (1.5 Kg)

Cooling Method: Convection


PWR: Steady on when power applied

ACT: Common activity indicator


LINK:  Steady on when twisted-pair link is operational. 
            Flashing when the port is partitioned by hardware

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