RS-366 to AT modem command converter & visa versa

Convert "AT" serial commands to RS-366 parallel data Convert RS-366 parallel data to "AT" serial commands Translates RS-366 parallel to ASCII "AT" Serial Commands. Supports RS-366 interface type II & III

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AD AT/RS-366 and RS-366/AT Converters

Convert "AT" serial commands to RS-366 parallel data Convert RS-366 parallel data to "AT" serial commands



The RS-366 Interface Converters allow a host computer to auto-dial a Hayes "AT" compatible modem via an RS-366 (or CCITT V.25) interface. This converter translates RS-366 parallel signals into asynchronous ASCII modem commands for dialing. In addition, the RS-366/AT interface converter monitors result codes from the modem and converts them into call progress signals on the RS-366 interface.

The AT/RS-366 is a direct connect conversion device designed to convert industry-standard asynchronous "AT" modem commands into parallel (RS-366) data.

The RS-366 Interface Converters supports two RS-366 Interface Types: Type II and Type III. The RS-366 Converter and host computer may be co-located with the modem. The asynchronous serial interface operates at 300 - 9600 bps.

The front panel overlay of the converter can be removed to reveal various switch options, and silk screened information.

The front panel provides for eleven LED indicators, one each for Power (PWI), Data Line Occupied (DLO), Call Request (CRQ), Present Next Digit (PND), Digit Present (DPR), Digit signals NB8, NB4, NB2, NB1, Call Origination Status (COS), and Abandon Call & Retry (ACR).


Application: "AT" to RS-366 & RS-366 to "AT" serial/parallel dialing conversion
Interface: Electrical: Asynchronous: Serial, RS-232-C 
               Parallel: RS-366-A, Type II & III 
Physical: (2) DB-25S (Female)
Data Rates: Asynchronous, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 bps
Controls: Switches: Manual, 8-position DIP
Power Requirements: 110 VAC 10%, 60Hz, UL/CSA 
230 VAC 10%, 50Hz (optional)
Indicators: PWI: Power Indicator 
DLO: Data Line Occupied 
CRQ: Call Request 
PND: Present Next Digit 
NB8: Digit Signal Circuit 
NB4: Digit Signal Circuit 
NB2: Digit Signal Circuit 
NB1: Digit Signal Circuit 
COS: Call Origination Status 
ACR: Abandon Call & Retry
Environment: Temperature: Operating: 50 to 120 F,  10 to 49
                    Storage:   -40 to 149 F, -40 to 65
Altitude: Operating: 0 to 20,000 ft,  6,096 m 
             Storage:    0 to 40,000 ft, 12,191 m 
Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Physical Characteristics: Height:   1.69 inches,   4.29 cm 
Width:    7.00 inches, 17.78 cm 
Length: 11.00 inches, 27.94 cm 
Weight: 3.00 lbs, 1.36 kg
Warranty: Standard: 1 Year 
Optional:  3 Years



Part Number


TAS0112-1 AD AT/RS366 Converter, Standalone, RS232(AT) Serial Port (to DTE)
TAS0112-2 AD AT/RS366 Converter, Rackmount, RS232(AT) Serial Port (to DTE)
TAS0112-3 AD RS366/AT Converter, Standalone, RS232(AT) Serial Port (to DCE)
TAS0112-4 AD RS366/AT Converter, Rackmount, RS232(AT) Serial Port (to DCE)
TAS0155 16/7 Card Nest, 3U x 16 cards; 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
TNF0005 230 VAC, 50 Hz, External Power Supply for standalone units