Industrial Grade Modems

The perfect combination: of 28.8-Kbps speed with industrial-strength resistance to EMI/FRI

Compliance with EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15 Class B, DOC Class MCC class B Heat rating to 85C.

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Industrial Grade Modem 288

The perfect combination: of 28.8-Kbps speed

with industrial-strength resistance to EMI/FRI

Key Features

  • Strongly resists the electro- magnetic interference typical of industrial environments.

  • Is V.34 compliant, supports data rates up to 28.8 Kbps and a standard AT command set.

  • Can be fitted with optional RS485 module in order to relay data from RS485 industrial equipment.

  • Can redial, AutoDial, speed dial, fall back-dial, and supports V.23 and Bell 103 and 212A.

  • Has a full set of LEDs and performs several loopback tests for easy monitoring.

  • Compatible with both dialup lines and 2-wire leased lines.

  • Predrilled for bolt down.


Do you need to put a modem in the radio/electronic equivalent of "harm's way" - near an assembly line, generator, compressor, or other source of electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. The Industrial Modern 288 (IM288) is tailor-made for that job, with specially insulated circuitry and a tough metal housing that's pre drilled to be bolted down wherever you need it. With an optional RS-485 Module attached to its DTE connector, the IM288 can talk directly to industrial devices that use the 2- or 4-wire TIA RS485 interface.

The old and reliable modems (202T/S) slow, mysterious, and inflexible something like an old Soviet tractor - not the IM288! It can make connections with other V.34-compliant modems at speeds up to 28.8 Kbps and use the AT command set. If your hardware can use up to 115Kbps throughput this modem might be the answer to the higher data speeds needed buy the new applications.

With eight LEDs (power, DTE ready, carrier, transmit, receive, high speed, auto-answer, and off-hook) you can get quick snap shot of what's going on or your modem and phone line. The IM288 supports a full range of standard AT commands, S-registers, loopback tests, and result codes, so you can easily configure and troubleshoot your modem.

The IM288 has many useful dial and connection features - 1. you can set it to dial a number as soon as you turn it on and to redial or try a different number if there's no answer or the line is busy - 2. store up to ten numbers in memory for speed dialing
3. communicate with all Bell-standard modems.

The IM288 supports 2-wire leased lines and can be configured to automatically establish leased line connections at power-up.

Typical Applications

Shop floor
RF interference

The Industrial Modem 288 has all the connections you need for fast, clean data (or voice) transfer.


Compliance –
EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15 Class B, DOC Class
MCC class B: Phone-Line Compatibility.
FCC Part 68

FCC Part 68 Registration No.

No. - 0.47 B

Standards –Modem
ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.34, V.32 his, V.32, V.23, V.22,
V.21; Bell 212A and 103;

Error Correction: ITU-TSS
V.42 and MNP 2 through 4;

Data Compression: ITU-TSS
V.42 his and MNP 5

Interface –To line:
Modular telco; To DTE: TIA RS-232, DCE; W/ optimal
RS-485 Module, TIA RS-422/485 (2- or F-wire)

Protocol - Asynchronous

Data Format -
8 data bits, stop bit, no parity (fixed)

Flow Control -
Modern-to-modem: None, X-ON/X-OFF (software),
or X-ON/X-OFF pass through (user-selectable);
DTE-to-modem: RTS/CTS (hardware) or X-ON/X-OFF
(software), uni/bi-directional user selectable)

Operation -
Across dialup or 2-wire leased lines

Data Rates -
All standard rates up to 28.8Kbps (auto-negotiating
or user-selectable), with auto-retraining;

DTE Speeds -
All standard speeds up to 115.2Kbps

Dial Type -
Touch-tone, pulse, or adaptive user-selectable)

Dial Features -
All user-selectable: Flash and wait for silent
answer (PBX); Wait for second dial tone;
Reverse-, speed-, and fallback dialing; and
Power-on auto-dialing and auto-connection

Transmission Level -
0 to -15 dbm

Receiver Sensitivity -

Internal Memory -
RAM: 40-character command buffer;
(2) Factory-default and
(2) user-defined configuration profiles;
(10) Stored telephone numbers,
each up to 36 characters long but totaling
not more than 100 characters

User Controls -
Standard AT command set;
(1) Rear-mounted on/off
toggle switch;
(1) Internal "smart/dumb",
(1) Internal RS-485 jumper

Diagnostics -
Testing available through "&TN" commands

Indicators -
(8) Front-mounted LEDs: Power, DIT, CD
(RLSD), TD, RD, High Speed, Auto-Answer,
and Off Hook

Connectors -
All rear-mounted:(1) DB25 female (to DEE);
(2) RJ-12 ("6-wire RJ-11"); one to phone,
one to line);
(1) Barrel jack for power

Power -
110VAC Power consumption: 3 watts
RMS maximurn.
12 or 24 VDC power option

Temperature Tolerance -
Operating: 32 to 131' F (0 to55'C)
Storage: 32 to 158' F (0 to 70' C)

Humidity Tolerance -
Up to 90% noncondensing

Size -
1.4"H x 75"W x ILYT)
(3.6 x 19.1 x 28.7 cm)

Weight -
4.5 IF. (2 kg)


Industrial Modem 288 MD3400A
RS-485 Module (2-Wire) MD3315
RS-485 Module (4-Wire) MD3316

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Extreme Climate Industrial Modem
This rugged modem is made of
16-AWG steel for use in harsh environments.

This reliable basic modem works at temperature extremes-from -40 to 185F (-40 to 85C).

Key Features

  • Works in very cold or very hot environments.
  • Dialup operation.
  • Works with PC or PLC systems.
  • Uses standard AT commands.
  • Operates at speeds up to 9600 bps.
  • CCITT or Bell compatible.
  • Sleep mode for solar- or battery-powered applications.
  • AC or DC 12/24 volt power

extreme temp modem.GIF (65778 bytes)

Don't be left out in the cold! Send or receive data in even the harshest cold or hot industrial environments with the Extreme Climate Industrial Modem. Since it works at temperatures ranging from -40 to 185' F (40 to 85' C), it's perfect for hot boiler rooms, or even outdoor environments that get frigid cold winters and/or sweltering hot summers.

The Modern is configured for industrial data communication between a PLC and a PC. It's intended for use as a remote / receiver in industrial applications under temperature conditions that would make a standard dialup modem unreliable.

The modem gives you steady data transfer at speeds up to 9600 bps.

Keep in mind that this is a basic model. Many options such as data compression, leased line operation, error correction, or external telephone jack are not available with this modern. If you need these additional options, call our technical support experts. They can recommend the modern that's best for your application.

Since the Extreme Climate Industrial Modern is pre-configured at the factory, the only command strings you need are for dialing and hang-up. You can enter these instructions in either a PC program or a PLC configuration program.

Operating the modem in "sleep mode" ensures low power consumption and makes it ideal for battery- or solar-powered applications.

An RJ-11 cable is included with your modern for connecting to the phone line.

This reliable basic modem works at temperature extremes-from -40 to 185F (-40 to 85C).

Technically Speaking


The Modern has four front panel LEDs...

    SmdData(TXD) Flashes green when the modem is sending data to the remote modem or when receiving data from the local computer.

    Receive Data (RXD)Flashes yellow when the modem is receiving data from the remote modem or when sending data to the local computer.

    Carrier Detect (CD)Flashes amber when the remote modem carrier is detected.

    Power-Steady red is on when there is power to the modem.


Temperature - Both operating and storage temperature: -40 to 185' F

Modem Commands - AT standard command set

Certification - FCC put 68 data registration number DWEUSA-22392-MD-E, UL Slit E81356, CSA LR99169

            Ringer Equivalency - 0.7 B

Connectors - (1) RJ-11 female for phone line, (1) D139 female for RS-232

RS-232 Connector Pinout -On a D139 connector: Pin 1 (Carrier Detect), Pin 2 (Transmit Data), Pin 3 (Receive Data), Pin 4 (Not connected), Pin 5 (Signal Ground), This (~9 (Not connected)

Current at Maximum Operational Requirements - 300 mA (dialing, speaker at full volume)

Current in "Sleep Mode" -<50 mA

Speaker - Piezo-element transducer for reliable audio output throughout the entire temperature range of the modem

Power Supply -Input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz; or 12/24 VDC option

          Size - 1.5"H x 5"W x 9"D (3.8 x 12.7 x 22.3 cm)

Enclosure - 16-gauge steel with mounting flanges

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