MultiModem ZBA modem

The MultiModemZBA corporate user modems provide high-speed data transfer and fax capabilities for small businesses, telecommuters, and SOHO users. The USB model provides a user-friendly installation, while the voice model provides advanced voice mail features. All serial models feature callback security and operate over dial-up or two-wire leased lines.


V.90/56K speeds when connecting with V.90 servers; V.34/33.6K bps when connecting with non-V.90 servers or other clients

  • Class 1 or Class 2 faxing at V.17 speeds to 14.4K bps
  • Windows 98 Plug and Play compatibility (serial models) or Windows 98 and Mac OS 8.5 compatibility (USB models) for easy installation
  • U.S. Caller ID reporting
  • Remote configuration for centralized setup and control
  • Phone number storage for automatic dialing
  • Callback security (on serial port models) for network security and reduced telephone toll charges
  • Voice mail and full-duplex speakerphone operation (on voice model)
  • Multi-language data/fax communication and other value-added software
  • Self-resetting lightning protection
  • Small footprint and stackable design
  • Flash memory for easy updates
  • Full-service, 10-year warranty

ZBA Family Highlights

Radically Easy to Use.  The MT5634ZBA-USB model uses the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard to provide the easiest modem on the market to install. You don’t have to set IRQs and jumpers, or plug in an external power supply. Just plug it into a USB port on your computer. Windows 98 or Mac OS 8.5 will detect it automatically, and you can hot-swap this modem with other USB devices without restarting your computer or changing system settings.

Advanced Features.  The MultiModemZBA family provides powerful features that make it perfect for business use. All models support US Caller ID reporting and remote configuration. Serial port models also feature callback security, DTR dialing, and 11-bit operation. The voice model supports full-duplex speakerphone operation so you and a caller can talk and listen at the same time –without cutting each other off.

Integrated Voice, Data Communications, and Fax Software.  The bundled software for these modems has an easy to use graphical interface for use under Windows 95, 98, and NT®. Also included are a number of free value-added applications, such as a web browser, Internet telephony, and on-line services.

Comprehensive Service and Support.  The Multi-Tech commitment to service means we provide a ten-year product warranty and lifetime service that includes free technical support and 24-hour web site, FTP, and BBS support.

Ordering Information

Model Region
MT5634ZBA-USB Global
56K Data/Fax Modem (USB)
MT5634ZBA-USB-Mac US/Can
56K Data/Fax Modem (USB)
MT5634ZBA US/Can
56K Data/Fax Modem
56K Voice/Data/Fax Modem


Data: V.90/56K downloads from V.90/K56flex servers; 33.6K bps transfers with other servers
Fax: 14.4K bps
Data: V.90, K56flex, & enhanced V.34
Error Correction: V.42
Data Compression: MNP® Class 5; V.42bis
Fax: V.17, Group 3, Class 1 & Class 2
Voice: IS-101 AT+V voice command set (ZBAV only)
Video: V.80
All Models: 2 RJ-11s
USB Model: USB; Serial Model: DB25
Voice Model: 1 speaker & 1 microphone jack
Serial Port: Async speeds to 230.4K bps
USB Port: 12M bps
All Models: Dial-up phone line support
Serial Models: Dial-up or 2-wire leased line
Operating System Support
USB Models: Windows 98 & Mac OS 8.5
Serial Models: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98/NT
Physical Description
4.3" w × 1.2" h × 5.8" d; 8 oz
10.8 cm w × 3.0 cm h × 14.7 cm d; 224 g
FCC Parts 15B & 68; UL 1950

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