202S 202S/T

DC & AC power modem
202S, 202T, 202S/T Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) modem

12, 24, 48 VDC and 115 VAC

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UDS site for used 202S 202S/T

202S 202T 202S/T AC & DC Power - Heat Rated 

Low power - idea for 12, 24, 48, 120, 220, VDC -  115, 220, 230,  VAC - Rack Mount cards - stand alone / desk top 202S - 202T - 202S/T Modems

202T AC & DC Power modem

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Racal Vadic


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New Product Release  

The "Born Again UDS 202T" Modem

  • Telenetics introduces the latest addition to the family of industrial grade, temperature hardened Modems, Model MOT202T. This 0-1800 bps leased telecom line or private wire modem is a pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for Motorola Model RM16M. Telenetics recently signed a manufacturing license and distribution agreement with Motorola and acquired the remaining products of this bellwether modem.

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  •  A Fast Poll Modem that combines a 9600 bps, and 4800 bps 

    The Telenetics DSP9600 Flash Poll (DSP9600FP) modem is a 9600/4800 bps stand-alone modem designed for 4-wire full-duplex or 2-wire half-duplex operation over voice-band leased line. The DSP9600FP modem utilizes the latest digital-signal processing (DSP) technology to achieve high performance. The DSP9600FP modem also employs Telenetics' proprietary modulation and encoding scheme to achieve fast modem training time. These advantages make the DSP9600FP modem the most technologically advanced product on the market. It is especially suited for multi-point communication systems that require fast response time, short training time and low throughput delay.

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