Antenna Adapters, Cables & Connectors

Antenna Adapters, Cables & Connectors
Product # Description
Connectors & Adapters
ADF12F Image unavailable Female MiniUHF  to FME Female
ADF42F Female TNC - FME Female
AD4M22M Male - Male FME
ADM21F Image unavailable Male FME - MiniUHF Female
ADM24F Male FME - TNC female
ADM11M Male MiniUHF Male to Mini UHF Male
ADM41F TNC Male - MiniUhf Female
ADM12F Male MiniUHF - FME Female
ADF51F SMA Female-MiniUHF Female
ADM51M SMA Male- SMA Male
(Color as Shown)
ADM52M SMA Male- FME Male
ADM51F SMA Male- Mini UHF Female
ADM54F SMA Male- TNC Female
ADM21M   Male FME - MiniUHF Male
ADM42F Male TNC - FME Female
ADM42M Male TNC - FME Male
ADM14F Image unavailable Male Mini-UHF- TNC Female
ADF11F   Image unavailable Female - Female Mini-UHF
ADF31M Female  N - Mini-UHFMale
ADF32M Female N - FME Male
ADM32M Image unavailable Male N - FME Male
ADM33M Male N - N Male
ADM43F Click image to enlarge Female N - Male TNC
ADF33F Female - Female N
ADM34F Click image to enlarge Male N - TNC Female
ADF34F Click image to enlarge Female N - TNC Female
ADM31F Click image to enlarge Male N - MiniUHF Female
ADF61F Image unavailable MCT Female - MiniUHF Female
(Adapter used for Smoothtalker booster)
Extension Cables
C118-10 Cable: C118-10 10' RG-8X Extension Cable with Adapter
C118-20 Cable: C118-20 20' RG-8X Extension Cable with Adapter
C118-60 Cable: C118-60 60' RG-8X Extension Cable with Adapter

CABLES FOR 800 and 900  Series Antennas
RG-8X Extension Cable with Female Mini UHF and Male Type "N" connector at opposite ends. Also includes Male-Male MiniUhf Adapter

C998-10 10'
C998-20 20'
C998-40 40'

Special Cables

CARG8X33 33' (10 meters) of RG8X Ultra Double Foiled TNC-Male on one end and a Male MiniUHF on the other
LMR400-50 50' of LMR400 cable with Type"N" Male connectors at both ends. 1/2" low loss cable.

     Cellular antennas for cell - cellular wireless data modems

Cell Antenna Dual Band  Magnetic Mount Portable
High gain Yagi and High gain antenna

see Digital Cellular modems

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