Digital CDMA - 1xRTT Wireless Data
Cell - Cellular modem

Digital RS232 CDMA cell modem / cellular modem for data access solutions
820-850Mhz and 1.9Ghz Band - digital cell modem Dual-band and Tri-band

Cell modem look and feel like a standard RS 232 AT command compatible modem - the host-end system can simply uses a normal modem to dial a standard 10-digit telephone number that is assigned to the cell modem by the cellular carrier. VDC 115/230 VAC power / wide temp rating option

These cell modems are ideal for those "remote remote" sites where a phone line is impossible.

With the cost cellular service declining a cell modem makes sense for Utility and Industrial applications.

tutorial on Cell modem technology

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Cellular to wireless WI-FI 802.11b/g Gateway
Cell Cellular wireless GSM GPRS EDGE Gateway

Ayantra Dual band CDMA digital modem

Data Remote Digital CMDA modems 
Digital Tri-band CMDA data Cellular modem

Data Remote Digital CMDA 1xRTT modems 
Digital Tri-band CMDA 1xRTT data Cellular modem

BlueTree GSM and GPRS with GPS modem

BlueTree GSM and GPRS modem

BlueTree CDMA dial and IxRTT modem

Multitech Digital CDMA-1xRTT Cellular modem

Multitech Digital GSM/GPRS Cellular modem

Multitech Digital OEM Cellular modem

StarPoint GSM-GPRS cellular modem

Phonecell SX5e Fixed GSM Cell Wireless Terminal

Phonecell SX5T-500C and SX5T-505C Cell Fixed Wireless Terminal

Digital StarComm 1xRTT CDMA modem

Telenetics OMEGA-1 AC/DC powered 

Airlink CDPD
SLIP & PPP Cellular

Cell Cellular PCMCIA PC Card Modem

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 Cellular antennas for cell - cellular wireless data modems

Question - what effects my ability to receive or send cellular signals?

Cell Antenna Dual Band  Magnetic Mount Portable

High gain Yagi and High gain antenna

Antenna Adapters, Cables & Connectors

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Mobil antennas guide

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Intelligent Cell/Cellular amplifiers - signal booster

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Here are some links of interest:

The CDMA Development Group
(The Industry body for CDMA)

CDMA Online (contains an enormous amount of information about how CDMA works)

What is CDPD

CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) is a specification for supporting wireless access to the Internet and other public packet-switched networks. Cellular telephone and modem providers that offer CDPD support make it possible for mobile users to get access to the Internet at up to 19.2 Kbps . Because CDPD is an open specification that adheres to the layered structure of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, it has the ability to be extended in the future. CDPD supports both the Internet's IP protocol and the ISO Connectionless Network Protocol (CLNP).

CDPD also supports IP multicast (one-to-many) service. With multicast, a company can periodically broadcast company updates to sales and service people on the road or a news subscription service can transmit its issues as they are published. It will also support the next level of IP, IPv6.

For the mobile user, CDPD's support for packet-switching means that a persistent link isn't needed. The same broadcast channel can be shared among a number of users at the same time. The user's modem recognizes the packets intended for its user. As data such as e-mail arrives, it is forwarded immediately to the user without a circuit connection having to be established. There is a circuit-switched version, called CS CDPD, that can be used where traffic is expected to be heavy enough to warrant a dedicated connection.


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