CDS-9052 Digital Data Cellular Modem

CDMA - Analog Tri-mode Cell Modem, with GPS engine, hands-free voice, analog data capability, 512 Kb memory (upgradeable to 1Mb), dual DCE RS232 I/O ports, SMS, user configurable I/O control features for remote equipment, configurable internal data logging, 800 and 1900 MHz


  • Authentication (CDMA)
  • Authentication analog AMPS cellular
  • Preferred Roaming List
  • Custom Data logging via dRIP commands
  • Program updates transmit time via SMS
  • Access historical data for day or week
  • Remote control of accessories via dialup or SMS
  • Remotely programmable
  • Upgradeable to CDMA 1X technology when available
  • GPS engine by Conexant
  • Protocols: NEMA 0183, TAIP, dRIP
  • Voice Communications

General Specifications
Power Requirements: 10.5-20VDC @ 1A (unregulated)
On-Board Backup: 3.6V 200MA (CR2032) Lithium Cell
Serial I/O: RS-232, Async, 2 DB-9 and 1 - 8 pos. terminal block Connectors
Control I/O: 12 Pos. IDC compatible header
Command Protocol: AT Command Set and dRIP Commands
LED Indicators: Power ON, Status, TXD, RXD, DCD, DTR
Modem: IS-707A compatible, IS-95A/B (MDR verified on IS-95A/B networks)
AMPS modem (Conexant Chipset)
Vocorder: 8 Kbps CELP, 13 Kbps QCELP, 8 Kbps EVRC
Canada ID: 3572291146
Size: 6.5"L X 3.7"W X 2.5" H
Weight: 24.0 Oz.
Temperature: Operating: -30 C to +60 C
Storage: -40 C to +70 C
Humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
  800 MHz 1900 MHz
Interface Standards: AMPS: ANSI/TIA/EAI-553
Operating Frequencies: TX: 824-849 MHz
RX: 869-894 MHz
TX:  1850-1910 MHz
RX:  1930-1990 MHz
RF Power: AMPS: 600mW (EIRP Nom.)
CDMA: 200mW (EIRP Nom.)
200mW (EIRP Nom.)
Maximum TX Power: AMPS: +26.7dBm Min.
CDMA: +23dBm Min.
+23dBm Min.
Receiver Sensitivity: AMPS: >116dBm @ 12dB Sinad
CDMA: >-104dBm @ 0.5% FER
>-104 dBm @ .05% FER
Frequency Stability: < 2.5 PPM < 2.5 PPM
Antenna Interface: 50 ohm, TNC 50 ohm, TNC



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