CDS Digital Cell-Cellular modem

CDS-902x CDMA 800 or 1.9Mhz Fixed Wireless Modem

The CDS-902x series Cellular modems for CDMA and analog Cellular data or PCS. Whether you need primary modem service, backup or remote data access, these versatile, single-line Cellular Data System (CDS) puts immediate DATA and fax capability at your fingertips. The CDS series provide for SCADA and RTU applications with utilities and Telco's. Modems to assist in Global Positioning (GPS) and traffic monitoring, signal sign control, and weather and environmental monitoring and much more. 

Simply plug your standard RS-232 (DTE device) into the CDS-9020's female DB-9 or use the 8 position terminal block for industrials applications. And take advantage of the exceptional data transfer offered by rapidly expanding CDMA 800 & 1.9MHz network. The CDS-9020 for CDMA is the ideal communication solution for today's wireless communications needs. Benefits, Immediate telephone access Easy to use for bypassing high-cost wired service, Digital data privacy, lower airtime cost and 80% less current drain for solar applications, optional Built-in battery backup for self-contained operation during AC power outages.  Sleek, rugged, compact design.  Exceptional data quality with Built-in signal-strength and self-monitoring, programming capabilities for user diagnostics.  6 inputs and  6 outputs for remote monitoring.  (Note: If the customer needs special features added there will be a one time NRE cost.  The unit comes with real time signal strength monitoring, voltage monitoring, current monitor and 4 windows so you can program the unit to power up at specified times within a 24 hour time period.

With the analog modem module.  That is a optional module for sites that do not have CDMA data access.  Or it can be used with GPS module so when the unit travels in area's CDMA data is not present it will switch to analog mode.  So you can be sure you will always be in contact with your data.  And you still get the low digital rates.

1G Analog AMPS - 2G - 2.5G CDMA (820MHz and 1.9MHz)
Cellular Modems for the harsh environment

The CDS is a self-contained wireless Cellular Data System that is cost effective for remote telemetry/meter reading, data application, and voice. The CDS products establishes a new benchmark for accurate and efficient data communications at an affordable price.
The CDS family of products can be installed and configured by the user within 30 minutes. Small and compact, it can be moved from site to site using AC, solar, or battery power. The unit is ideal for use with all types of remote monitoring where landlines are costly to acquire. All CDS Modems can be programmed on site or remotely via host computer. No FCC approvals are required. It is easily configured to any RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 interface, and also can mounted in a rugged NEMA-4X enclosure (Optional).




  • AMR

  • Remote Data logger

  • RTU's

  • GPS

  • AVL

  • Telco Back Up

  • Works Just like a

  • Land Line Modem

  • With Much more Features.

Works in 97% of the United States


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