Cellular Wireless modem CDS-8800

1G AMPS Analog - 820MHz 
Cell Modem For The harsh environment

Introducing the CDS: the high-powered cellular\PCS data modem designed for fixed or mobile cellular sites. With high power output and a full duplex transceiver, the CDS products delivers broad coverage and proven performance. The modem is built to withstand extended temperatures, ignition noise, humidity and communicate over Digital Cellular and analog Cellular\GPS with TX-CEL and MNP-10EC cellular protocols for enhanced throughput. 

The CDS-8800 is easily installed with bolt flanges or mounting kit, and will run directly off solar power or AC

A True Stand-Alone Warrior

The serious choice for cellular data communications, the CDS-8800 provides the right combination of power, performance, and strength. With up to double the radiated power of other modems in its class, you'll have peace-of-mind that your data will get through in mission-critical applications, long after most cellular modems would have ceased to function. 

The CDS products has operation status monitoring, and solar power monitoring. All units are remotely programmable.

Power Consumption:

 Note: Using SPM window to power unit up for 6 hours a day, you can have a battery powered system (17 amps) in the field for 45 days without charging the battery.


CDSB-6/Moto = Analog Cellular Modem includes a 3 Watts Motorola Radio $ 595.00


Product No.


CDSB-6/Moto Analog cellular RS232 Data Modem including 3 watt Motorola cellular radio
CDSB-6 Analog cellular RS232 Data Modem for interfacing with customer supplied Motorola series 2 through 4 "brick" cellular radios

Note: Power supplies, antennas and NEMA enclosures are not included with modems unless otherwise ordered. All DataRemote modems are supplied with a User Guide, test antenna, RS-232 interface cable and terminal software for initial setup and testing. Click here for approved alternative antennas.

Standard Features:

  • 12VDC power
  • Remotely programmable
  • Status window / remote or local
  • Standard RS232C interface
  • Real time calendar clock
  • Call progress monitor for trouble-free cellular calls
  • Cellular network monitoring and reporting
  • Polling windows reduces power consumption
  • Auto answer (supports polling)
  • Microcomputer power management
  • User-programmable on site.
  • MNP-10EC (Protocol)
  • TX-CEL (Protocol)
  • cellular ready modem by Rockwell.

    Optional Features:

    • Solar Power
    • Paging circuit to wake unit up
    • Email/fax alarm reports


complete pole mount set up 

Cellular Transciever:

Motorola series 
4 (EE3) - 3 watt


Frequency Stability:

2.5 PPM

Transmit Frequency:

824 to 848.970 MHz

Receives Frequency:

869 to 893.970 MHz

RF channels:

832 channels, full duplex

RF output power:

5mW to 3W controlled

Receiver sensitivity:

-116dbm (12db SINAD min.)


Voice: PM with COPANDER Data: FM

Antenna Impedance:

50 Ohm

Antenna Connector:

External TNC


Error Correction:

MNP 10EC ACE,TX-CELL V.42/V.42bis

Cellular Throughput:

up to 16,000 bps

Serial Interface:

buffered EIA RS-232C

Flow Control:


Modulation Techniques:

CCITT V.32bis(14,400 bps)
CCITT V.32(9600 bps)
CCITT V.22 bis (2400 bps)
CCITT V.22 (1200 bps)
CCITT V.21 (300 bps)
BELL 212A (1200 bps)
BELL103 (300 bps)

AC Powered:

8" w x 10" h x 6" d
Solar Powered

8" w x 10" h x 8" d


Model# Description:

DR-Solar Analog = Solar kit for the CDSB-6/MOTO
(kit includes NEMA 4x Enclosure, solar panel, 18Ahr Battery $545.00

DR-Moto-HS = Moto H/S Motorola test handset $175.00

All antenna’s come with 12 feet of cable and RF connectors

DR-NP8000 = Lo-Pro Low profile 3db gain antenna (800MHz or 1.9GHz) $150.00

DR-Y3383-806 =Yagi 3 to 12 element antenna (call for correct site matching) please call for price

DR-Y3383-1.9 =Yagi 3 to 10 element antenna (call for correct site matching) please call for price

DR Omni Ant Omni 3db to 5db pole mount, wall mount & trunk mount antenna $95.00

DR Omni 1.9GHz Omni 3db to 5db pole mount, wall mount & t runk mount antenna $175.50

DR-Coax = Custom coax cable legths up to 80 feet $1.50 Per foot & connectors

DR-TNC = TNC Connectors $2.75

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