Canoga Perkins 2370 fiber modems

Canoga Perkins 2300 Series  Universal Fiber Optic Modems


  • Standalone and 19” Rack mount, or 23” Rack mount

  • Field Interchangeable, Hot Swappable Interfaces

  • Internal, External, and Slave Clocking Modes Provided

  • Local and Remote Loopback Capability for Troubleshooting

  • 1310nm Multimode, 1310nm Singlemode, or 1550nm

  • Singlemode Optics to Match Virtually Any Application

  • Supports KIV and KG encryption product lines

  • End-to-End Controls Provide Handshaking

  • Full Redundancy for Maximum Uptime

  • End-To-End SideBand Management for Remote Control

  • Continuous, Non-intrusive BERT Test to Monitor the Communications Link

  • Local and Remote Terminal Port, SLIP, PPP, and SNMP Management

  • NEBS Level 3 Tested and Certified


For all branches of the Military, Government agencies, commercial and government system integrators, public and private network administrators who need to extend standards based serial data over fiber optic cable, Canoga Perkins 2300 Series Fiber Optic Modems combine SNMP management with versatile and cost effective solutions for all your commercial and C4I asset applications.  The 2300 Series Fiber Optic Modems offer all the functionality you expect. The 2340 Fiber Optic Modem operates asynchronously at speeds up to 1.5 Mbps and synchronously at speeds up to 2.048 Mbps. The 2370 Fiber Optic Modem operates asynchronously at speeds up to 15 Mbps and synchronously at speeds up to 20 Mbps. Clocking options include external, internal, and slave timing. Using a built in clock synthesizer, the 2340 and 2370 Fiber Optic Modems can generate dozens of commonly used clock rates. These include all Nx56 Kbps and Nx64 Kbps clock rates.

Modular in design, the 2340 and 2370 Fiber Optic Modems support ten hot swappable, field installable electrical interfaces. End-to-end control leads are supported for applications requiring protocol handshaking. 1310nm multimode, 1310nm single mode, and 1550nm single mode optics versions are available. Optional single fiber versions are also available. ST and SC optic connectors are supported. Configuration and management of the Fiber Optic Modems is accomplished locally with the built-in EIA-561 async terminal port or remotely using our advanced SideBand™ Management technology. Our multi-technology Universal Chassis System (UCS) Domain Manager provides user friendly menus for end-to-end, non-intrusive, unit configuration, status, and control. Remote access is available by using an external modem connected to the 2340 or 2370 terminal port or through SNMP.

The 2340 and 2370 Fiber Optic Modems are fully redundant providing hardware and fiber protection for mission critical applications. The software selectable redundancy feature allows one pair of 2340s or 2370s to function as a primary link while another pair of 2340s or 2370s act as a secondary link. This creates a completely redundant circuit for maximum uptime. To fit virtually every application and environment, the 2340 and 2370 Fiber Optic Modems have several enclosure options. The 5U high UCS 1000 chassis can accommodate up to 15 rack mounted 2340 and 2370 modules. The 1U high UCS 1001 chassis holds two 2340 or 2370 modules. These chassis are available as 19” or 23” rack mount. Standalone enclosures are our manageable 1040 or non-managed 1050 which house one 2340 or 2370 module.



DIAGNOSTIC LEDs  Modem Status (STA), Configuration (CFG) Composite Loss of Sync (CLS), Test/Loopback (TST)

FRONT PANEL SWITCHES Recessed Reset Modem (MDM) and Terminal (TRM) Crossover on EIA-561 Port


Rackmount Module 7.9" H x 1.0" W x 10.5" D (201mm x 25mm x 267mm)

Weight 1.2 Lbs. (0.45 kg)

Power 5 Watts Maximum


Rack Mount

UCS 1000 Chassis 8.75" H x 19" W x 11.75 D" (222mm x 482mm x 298mm)

AC Power 150 watts, 90-246 VAC @ 2A Max 50-60 Hz Input

DC Power 150 watts, -36 to –58 VDC @ 4W Max Input

Weight 12 Lbs. (5.5 Kg)

UCS 1001 Chassis 1.72" H x 17.5" W x 14" D (44mm x 445mm x 356mm)

AC Power 24W, 85-270 VAC, 0.6/0.2A, 50-60 Hz Input

DC Power 24W, -48 VDC, 0.75A Input

Weight 4.3 Lbs. (1.9 Kg)


1040/1050 Enclosure 1.72" H x 12.0" W x 11.7" D (44mm x 305mm x 297mm)

AC Power 14w, 115 to 230 VAC, 0.3A, 50-60 Hz

Weight 5.6 Lbs. (2.52 Kg)


Temperature 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)

Humidity Up to 90% (Non-condensing)

REDUNDANCY Full Redundancy

PERFORMANCE 10-10 or Better


2340 Fiber Optic Modem
50 bps to 1.544 Mbps Asynchronous
50 bps to 2.048 Mbps Synchronous

2370 Fiber Optic Modem
50 bps to 15 Mbps Asynchronous
50 bps to 20 Mbps Synchronous


L130: Software Selectable EIA-232/423,

EIA-530, RS-422, V.35, Programmable

Buffered EIA-530 (DB-25F)

L131: EIA-422 (DC-37F)

L132: EIA-422 (TwinAx)

L133: TTL (BNC)

L138: EIA-422, High-speed Clock & Data Only to

20Mbps (DC-37F)

L139: MIL 188-114A (Five Connector TwinAx)


1310nm Multimode

1310nm or 1550nm Singlemode

SC and ST Connectors


1310nm MM Low Power Laser 11 dB

1310nm SM Low Power Laser 10 dB

1310nm SM High Power Laser 26 dB

1550nm SM High Power Laser 30 dB


ETL, cETL (UL 60950, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950,

EN/IEC 60950)

IEC 60825-1

FCC Part 15B/IC CS-003/VCCI Class A

C-Tick (AS/NZS 3548)

EN 55024

R&TTE Directive (EN 300 386)


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