Cellular Modem 
Blue Bird Specifications

3 watt & .6 watt Cell power, VDC power, sleep / power-down mode 

  • The BlueBird is standard-equipped with sleep mode. It can be activated using standard AT-commands, placing it in stand-by mode waiting for inbound or outbound calls.

  • Many OEM customers have picked the BlueBird specifically because of its low power consumption.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions  L by W by H
BlueBird .6 Watt Version
(5.25' x 5. 1 0" x 1.50')
BlueBird 3 Watt Version
(3.25" x 4.50' x 1.25')

Environmental Operating Temperature                
-13 F to+140 F Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing

BlueBird .6 Watt Version
1 Standard RS-232, 25-pin serial connector
1 RJ-45 connector for Motorola DPC Transceiver
1 MTA I 00 type, 4-pin connector for 2 opto-isolated external resets

BlueBird 3 Watt Version                                            
1 Standard RS-232, 9-pin serial connector
2 RJ-45 connectors for Motorola 3 Watt Transceiver and Handset
1 MTA 1 00 type, 4-pin connector for 2 opto-isolated external resets

Regulatory compliance                                             
FCC part 15, class B

LED Indicators                                                            
Transmit data                             TX 
Receive data                              RX                            
Data terminal ready                   TR
Carrier detect                             CD  
Power, and phone status           PWR/STATUS

MNP10 for enhanced performance 
14.4 Kbps modem Shut off protection
Hard reset by user from remote site
Modem reset and two external resets for peripherals

Power consumption 
(incl. modem & transceiver):

The Sleep Inactivity Timer of the modem (S24) sets the length of time, in seconds, that the modem will operate in normal mode with no detected telephone line or DTE line activity before entering low-power sleep mode. The timer is reset upon any DTE line or telephone line activity. If the S24 value is zero, neither DTE line nor telephone inactivity will cause the modem to enter the sleep mode. Range: 0-255 seconds Default: 0


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