Cell-Cellular 3 Watt Modem

3 Watt analog modem VDC power - low power sleep mode - supports the MNP10™ 
protocol for enhanced cellular performance and optimized throughput.

see other Digital cell modems GSM-GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT

  • DC Power

  • 13° to +140° F temp rating option

  • This low cost combination of a modem & cell phone is ideal for those  " remote remote" sites where a phone line is impossible.

  • With the cost cellular service declining a cell modem good makes sense for Utility and Industrial applications

By installing a wireless data modem on their remote equipment, end users alleviate the need for costly wire line communications or human intervention in the daily supervision of these devices.

Operating at a baud rate between 9.6 Kbps and 14.4 Kbps, the BlueBird series is packaged with a cellular transceiver that allows it to fluently perform on analog. The BlueBird wireless data modem can be connected to a wide array of data collection devices through an industry-standard RS-232 serial port. This configuration allows end users to monitor the remote device by simply dialing in the telephone number assigned to the modem. Upon initiating a session, end users may receive data on the operational status of the field-installed asset while sending commands to rectify identified problems. All units in the BlueBird product line boast a standard complement of value added features that are listed as follows:

BlueTree Wireless Data currently offers two models in the BlueBird product line. The BlueBird-3 is based on analog cellular networks to provide the greatest possible coverage area of any existing wireless communications technology. This 3 Watt analog modem connects to a Motorola 3 Watt transceiver and supports the MNP10™ protocol for enhanced cellular performance and optimized throughput.

The BlueBird-P is a cellular-based wireless data modem that represents a logical evolution from the previous model. This 0.6 Watt modem supports all the same features as the BlueBird-3 except that it connects to a 0.6 Watt Motorola portable cellular telephone. As such, the BlueBird benefits from lower power consumption as well as a significantly reduced footprint for increased flexibility and portability.

BlueTree Wireless Data has traditionally experienced a high level of success in marketing the BlueBird series of wireless data modems to customers in the energy, transportation and security segments. One of the first commercial applications for this product line was developed for Hydro-Québec, a leading Canadian producer and distributor of hydroelectric energy. In this case, BlueTree Wireless Data integrated the BlueBird wireless modem and a Motorola transceiver within a compact, portable data terminal. These terminals were then employed by Hydro-Québec's field staff to log power consumption data.

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The company's off-the-shelf solutions target end user applications in various segments of the industrial market such as energy, chemicals, transportation and mining as well as oil and gas, among others. In all cases, potential applications involve the management of remote devices from a central site to provide an enhanced level of supervisory control without the need for costly on-site intervention. Although each product can be independently employed as a standalone solution, they are also designed to function as an integrated product set.

BlueTree Wireless Data's product portfolio is distinguished from competing solutions by an unparalleled level of flexibility, portability and scalability. The company's products provide a turnkey solution for countless industrial applications across a wide range of market segments. The accompanying chart highlights only a few of the many value added applications of BlueTree Wireless Data's unique product portfolio.

Some of the uses our customers have 
found for Cellular data communications

  • Monitor Water Levels
  • Activate Generators
  • Adjust Electrical Consumption
  • Detect Corrosion
  • Track Inventories
  • Enable Point-of-Sale Terminals
  • Regulate Oil Pressure
  • Send Text Messages
  • Turn Off Ventilation Systems
  • Close Valves
  • Perform Diagnostics
  • Dispatch Mobile Assets
  • Check Voltages
  • Open Flood Gates
  • Analyze Ambient Temperature
  • Verify Power Loss
  • Reset Intrusion Alarms
  • Observe Surveillance Cameras
  • Trigger Panic Buttons
  • Deactivate Heating Systems
  • Synchronize Traffic Lights
  • Turn On External Lighting
  • Read Gas Meters
  • Measure Flow Rates
  • Control Motor Speeds
  • Log Volume Changes
  • Transmit Security Data

    BlueChip Wireless Control Device

BlueTree Wireless Data's second product family consists of an innovative portfolio of wireless control devices. These products provide end users with a superior level of control over multiple inputs and outputs for remote devices in both commercial and industrial applications. By installing a wireless control device on their remote equipment, end users benefit from an enhanced set of features that virtually eliminate the need for wire line connectivity and costly human intervention.
The BlueChip is capable of simultaneously supporting up to five different inputs that are typically used for monitoring temperature, pressure, volume and other variables. The BlueChip can also be connected to five outputs that are usually remote devices that end users wish to control. In the event that an input switch is triggered during normal operation, the BlueChip goes into alarm mode. The BlueChip is also programmed to initiate an alarm state if any one input goes offline or loses power.

Upon receiving an alarm, the BlueChip provides automatic feedback to end users, through a PCS telephone, PC or pager, to inform them that one or more alarms have been triggered. At this point, end users may send commands to the BlueChip, instructing it to activate or deactivate any or all of the devices connected to the five outputs. If corrective action does not remedy the alarm state, the BlueChip will continue to alert end users until the situation is remedied or end users send an acknowledgement. End users may query the unit at a later date to verify the status of any of the inputs and outputs or take further corrective action.

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