DSP9612 modem

DSP9612 High Speed Multi-Drop modem

The Telenetics DSP9612 modem "FlashPoll" is designed to optimize communication links where high speed Multidrop communications is needed. The DSP9612 is ideal for SCADA, traffic and the oil industries, the Telenetics DSP9612 modem is a cost-effective, full-featured fast poll, leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry at 23msec RTS/CTS delay.

part numbers

Telenetics DSP9612-FP or DSP9612FP modem replaces the Telenetics DSP9600FP modem
Telenetics DSP9612-LV or DSP9612LV modem replaces the Telenetics DSP9600LV modem
 Telenetics DSP9612-RM or DSP9612RM modem replaces the Telenetics DSP9600RM modem


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Flash Poll TM DSP 9612 Modem


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85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC

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Low Voltage Range 10 to  53 volts DC

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card modem for RM16M chassis


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