Multi-Drop Multi- Point
RS232 to TCP-IP LAN Ethernet converter

EtherPoll® EPL-1 Single Port SCADA RS232 Serial Server
"Ethernet Multi-drop RS232 Converter"

  • Configuration via Web Browser, Telnet, or direct connection
  • Now do SCADA polling protocols via Ethernet
  • SNMP agent functionality
  • Supports DNP protocol
  • Supports IEC-6870-5-101 protocol - asynchronous serial tele-control channel interface
  • Protocol independent... works with any byte-oriented asynchronous protocol
  • Connect up to 32 remotes to each host over Ethernet LAN/WANs
  • RS-232 interface speeds up to 230 Kbps
  • Use on the LAN or via Routers 10/100BaseT
  • Ideal for Internet or Intranet
  • It's an economical async "Ethernet multi-drop modem"
  • Easily works with commonly used Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU as well as most any async 8 bit protocol



The EtherPoll is a SCADA communications serial server that allows multi-drop devices to use Ethernet LAN's. The EtherPoll connects any async serial device through a LAN and between LAN's via routers. The EtherPoll is designed specifically to support asynchronous polling protocols, such as Poll Select, Modbus, DNP, etc. These protocols are often error corrected, and the EtherPoll allows these protocols to work through routed LANs and over IP protocol networks. The EtherPoll uses IP protocol, allowing the necessary data connection over a local LAN and across routed networks. The EtherPoll functions independently of the device protocol, allowing most 8 bit asynchronous protocols to be used with no configuration changes.

The EtherPoll supports serial interface speeds up to 230 Kbps. Since it uses the UPD/IP protocol, overhead is much lower than it would be if TCP/IP were used since there is no "session setup" or "session breakdown" with each connection. Up to 32 remote Etherpolls may be used with each host EtherPoll.

The EtherPoll can be managed directly through the server's physical port as well as remotely from other network locations. Remote configuration is supported using TCP/IP (telnet) or any web browser.

Instead of replacing your existing RTUs and SCADA system to go Ethernet, add the EtherPoll for a fraction of the cost.

For other applications (point-to-point direct RS-232 links or Point-to-multiple point dialed links ) see the EtherPath® single port serial server.

OEM manufacturers can design the EtherPoll into their products or use it as an add-on method to gain Ethernet connectivity.. DCB supplies the EtherPoll to many other companies and can provide custom firmware for specific applications.



Indicators (front panel)

Link and Error LEDs


Two Dip switches used to establish operating mode.

Data Port

Interface: RS-232, V.24, speeds up to 230,000 bps
Connector: DE-9P RS-232 (commonly known as a DB-9 PC connector)

LAN Connection

Interface: 10BaseT or 10Base2



Front view of DCB EtherPoll EPL-1
RS-232 Connector

Rear view of DCB EtherPoll EPL-1
LAN Connectors



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EPL-1 EtherPoll® Single Port Ethernet SCADA Serial Server

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