Communications solutions for Utility and Industrial Automation SCADA applications including dial up and leased line modems, cellular modems and wireless automated meter reading devices

Dial, Lease line 2 or 4 Wire, Multi-Drop Multi-Point & Fast Poll, International, DC - Line - Pin / Power,  -40 to +85C Temp Rating, EMI & RF Resistance, short-haul, and Modems with sleep modem for Solar powered applications  





New Product Release 

jump to  4800/9600 fast poll modem
Fast Poll Modem that combines a 9600 bps, 
23 ms training time and industrial grade.



202T AC & DC Power
UDS Motorola, Telenetics, GDC, Racal Vadic, Star-Comm

103, 212A, V.22bis, pin power, line power
ARC Modem, Star-Comm, Telenetics

V.22bis pin & DC power
ARC Modem, Star-Comm, Racal Vadic, Telenetics

V.32bis, DC power, dial up, lease line, multi-drop
ARC Modem, Star-Comm, Telenetics, Zypcom

V.34bis DC power dial up, lease line
Racal Vadic, Telenetics, Zypcom, Star-Comm

dial backup
Multitech, Codex Motorola

dial back Security Encryption

Rack Chassis mounted modem
Codex Motorola, GDC, Multitech, Star-Comm, TeleneticsUDS Motorola, Zypcom

RS232 pin powered, line power
Telenetics, ARC Modem

RS485, RS422, inter-faced modem
Telenetics, Industrial modem, Datalink

fiber modem
Telebyte, IFS, SI Tech, Patton, Math Assoc.,

leased-line multi-drop
(fast poll, 202T, 201, 208, V.29)
Codex Motorola, UDS Motorola, GDC, Racal Vadic, UDS Motorola, Star-Comm

modem Network Managers
Codex Motorola, GDC, UDS Motorola

short-haul modem, line driver
Telebyte, Patton, Black Box, FSK Modem

The "Born Again UDS 202T" Modem

Telenetics introduces the latest addition to the family of industrial grade, temperature hardened Modems, Model MOT202T. This 0-1800 bps leased telecom line or private wire modem is a pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for Motorola Model RM16M. 

The MOT202T is a direct replacement for the very popular 30-year-old design that Motorola acquired through the purchase of Universal Data Systems and is purported to be the largest installed base of 1800 bps modems that is multidrop and in demand.


ARC carries a complete modem line 

  • 202T AC & DC Power

  • 212A pin - Line Powered & DC power

  • V.22bis pin & DC power

  • Dial backup

  • Dial back

  • DC Power (from 9 Volts to 220 Volts AC or DC)

  • Security Encryption

  • RS232 Pin Powered

  • RS485

  • RS422

  • Fiber

  • Heat Rated

  • Leased-Line

  • Line Powered

  • Multidrop

  • Modem Network Managers

  • Codex Motorola

  • Short-Haul Modems

  • Line drivers

  • V.22,V.22bis, 201, 208, V.29

  • V.29/V.17 Fax Modems

  • V.32, V34, V.34/33.6kbps

ARC Electronics

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