T1 Fiber modem-converter
with Ethernet

T1 Fiber optic modem - Extend T1 lines
over multi-mode or Single-mode fiber
with a 10/100 Ethernet Channel

click here to view T1 fiber modem with 4 to 8 lines

click here to view T1 fiber modem with 1 line


CT - Fiber T1 and Ethernet Extender - modem
Extend a T1 across multimode or single-mode fiber up to 2KM

Fiber SC, Multimode, 2Km T1 Extenders

DCEFRM220-AFOM01 is a modular design for E1/T1 + Fast Ethernet
multi-service to fiber PDH multiplexer.

DCEFRM220-AFOM01 provides E1/T1 transmission transparently, pure 100Mbps Fast Ethernet simultaneously.

The fiber optic line gives you the options to choose from most popular fiber cabling connectors such as, ST, SC, FC or SFP-LC.

Both multi-mode and single mode models are available as well as BiDi which allows bi-directional transmissions using only a single fiber cable, With SNMP and Web-based management in the FRM220, the Network administrator can monitor, configure and control the activity of each card in the chassis.


please note you may need to install a T-1 cross over
cable if the remote devise is DTE interface
view using a cross-over the cable on the remote side

Extend T1 Over Fiber

Standards: T1: ITU-T G.703, G.704, AT&T TR-62411, ANSI T1.403
Interfaces: RJ48c 100ohm balanced T1 connector and dual SC 155M fiber port
Operating wavelength: 1310nm multimode
Operating distance: 2Km on 62.5/125um fiber, works also on 50/125um fiber
Optical connector: SC dual type (versions with ST or FC optical connectors are available on request)
Front LEDs: Power, Fiber Link, T1 Link, Test mode
Power: External 90-260V AC switching adapter 9VDC@1A with NEMA1-15(2 blades only), US type main plug
Temperature: 0 50C (Operating); 0 70C (Storage)
Humidity: 20 80% non condensing (Operating); 0 90% (Storage)
Consumption: less than 5W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 85.6mm x 122.6mm x 20mm
Weight: 310g (without AC adapter)
Compliance: CE, FCC Class A
MTBF: 65,000 hours

DCE/FiberT-2PK  2-Pack Fiber T1 Extenders

Multi-modem and Single Mode Fiber

We also have units that will extend  one or multiple T1's over fiber

FRM220-FOM01-AC-SC002 - multi-mode 2Km 1310nm, SC conn. -
FRM220-FOM01-AC-SC015 -
single-mode 15Km 1310nm, SC conn


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