GDC  9600RPA

CCITT V.29  fast poll modem

This Modem is a fast poll CCITT V.29 and Rapid Poll (fast poll) 
synchronous or asynchronous (8, 9, 10 and 11 bit code) multipoint multi-drop modem.

Optional 24 and 48 Volt DC operation 

DataComm 9600RPA Modem
9600R Series modem

part # 049P016-001

9600 bps Private Line Modems
Multi-Point, Multi-Drop

"Superior Performance with Room to Spare"


Synchronous or asynchronous and point-to-point or multipoint versatility for a wide array of domestic and international uses

19 ms Rapid Polling for improved throughput

Up to 16 single-card modems rackmount in GDC's unique, space-saving DataComm shelves

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The DataComm 9600RP Series modems are high performance products offering feature-rich transmission at a low cost. They operate over 4-wire, point-to-point or multipoint leased lines and, depending on the model chosen, also support synchronous or asynchronous data. With a combination of advanced microprocessor control and CMOS/VLSI technology, these powerful 9600 bps modems are the most efficient and reliable in their class.

For applications flexibility, the DataComm 9600RP Series is compliant to CCITT V.29 specifications and has the ability to support a complete range of uses in accordance with this worldwide standard. This includes fallback rates of 7200 and 4800 bps to ensure continuous operation even over severely degraded circuits. It is important to note that these modems have, in addition, a proprietary multipoint capability that is the core of their unmatched versatility.

The DataComm. 9600RP Series offers attractive packaging options. In addition to a single unit, standalone enclosure for remote sites, up to 16 modems may be housed at a central location in a high density, 19inch rackmount shelf featuring our unique Data Commonality concept.


In multipoint applications, a rapid poll RTS/CTS delay of 19 ms ensures greater throughput and more efficient transmission. This is especially important for high speed networks requiring symmetrical 9600 bps operation.

A powerful, automatic adaptive equalizer compensates for amplitude and delay distortions on poor quality lines resulting in consistent performance over varying conditions, providing significantly more accurate data.

The modem receiver also uses an effective, forced-training technique that dynamically adjusts to every polling sequence in a multidrop environment. Transmission errors are reduced to a minimum.


The DataComm 9600RP Series offers complete diagnostics to assist in a quick analysis of modem operational status, immediate fault isolation and rapid system restoral. All loop placements and signaling schemes are CCITT V.54 compliant, and the tests are designed for easy use, even for non-technical persons. Included are ANALOG (Analog Loopback-Loop 3), Digital Loopback (Loop 2), Remote Digital Loopback (Remote Loop 2) and Self-Test (CCIT V.52 compliant).


The DataComm 9600RP Series allows you to pick the most cost effective solution for your network, including present circumstances and plans for growth. For synchronous only applications, the DataComm 9600RP is your ideal choice. Or, for a modem with both synchronous and asynchronous capabilities, you may select the DataComm. 9600RPA.


Data Rate: 9600, 7200 or 4800 bps; CCITT V.29 compliant
Data Format: Synchronous or asynchronous, binary, serial; character
asynchronous 8, 9, 10 or 11 bits, V. 14 compliant (RPA only)
Data Rate Tolerance: Synchronous .01%; Asynchronous +1%, -2.5%
Operating Mode: 4-wire, point-to-point/multipoint, private line
  Private Line Requirements: Operates over Service Type 5 or older 3002 circuits; M1040
circuits for international applications. D-type conditioning is 
generally NOT required
Line Impedance: 600 ohms, balanced
Data Interface:   EIA-232-D, CCITT V.24/V.28
       Output Level: Adjustable, 0 to -15 dBm in 1 dB steps
       Equalization: Selectable compromise
       Timing Source: Internal, external, receive clock wrap
       RTS/CTS Delay: 19 ms (RP), 253 ms (V.29), selectable in controlled carrier
mode; 0 ms, 15 ms or ON continuously, selectable in constant
carrier mode
       Anti-Streaming Timer: Turns CTS off if RTS from DTE is on continuously for a
selectable 27 seconds
       Receiver Operating Range: 0 to -33 dBm
       Carrier Detect Acquisition: Assured with a receive level at or above -26 dBm or -33 dBm,
       Carrier Detect Release: Assured with a receive level at or below -31 dBm or -38 dBm,
       Carrier Detect Hysteresis: 2 dB minimum
       Equalization: Automatic adaptive
       Signal Quality Retrain: On loss of equalization
       Round Robin Retrain Delay: 1.7 seconds
       Line Break Holdover: I second, selectable
       Carrier Release Time: 30 ms 9 ms in V.29 mode 10 ms 5 ms in Rapid Poll (RP)
Diagnostics: Analog Loopback (ANALOOI`4~ [V.54 Loop 31) Digital
Loopback (V.54 Loop 2) Remote Digital Loopback (V.54
Remote Loop 2) Self-Test (V.52 compliant)
Power Requirements: 90-110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 W maximum 100-129 VAC, 50/60
Hz, 10 W maximum 198-242 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 W maximum
216-254 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 W maximum
DC Power Option 24 or 48 VDC
Humidity: Up to 95% without condensation
Physical Characteristics Standalone  
        Height:   3.9 in.
        Width: 10.9 in.
        Depth: 12.5 in.
        Weight: 5.75 lbs.
        Shipping Weight 6.75 lbs.
        Temperature: 0' to 50'C (32' to 122'F) operating


DataComm, 9600RP Synchronous, Point-to-Point/Multipoint, Standalone Modem

DataComm. 9600RPA 049P016-001 Synchronous/Asynchronous, Point-to-Point/Multipoint, Standalone Modem

DataComm 9600RP(R) Synchronous, Point-to-Point/Multipoint, Rackmount Modem

DataComm 9600RPA(R) Synchronous/Asynchronous, Point-to-Point/Multipoint, Rackmount Modem

DataComm Rackmount Shelf (DS-1, DS-5 or USS)

EIA-232 Cables

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