General DataComm All Rate CSU/DSU
Automatically selects digital service speeds from 2.4 to 64 Kbps 

Universal Rate DSU for Branch Offices 

  • Automatically selects digital service speeds from 2.4 to 64 Kbps 
    for simple service upgrades
  • Automatic cross pair detection and selection for easy installation 
  • Powerful diagnostic testing capabilities for rapid fault isolation and system restoral
  • Extended dynamic range for the best performance possible
  • Anti-lockup feature for trouble-free clear channel operation


The DDS All Rate is a universal rate data service unit (DSU) for remote site locations in digital networks. It supports all standard sub-rates and both 56 and 64 Kbps (clear channel) high speed rates. Designed for easy "plug-and-play" operation, the DDS All Rate simplifies both initial installation and any future service upgrades. This highly reliable, feature packed product combines superior performance with a sleek, compact design that is perfect for any remote or satellite office environment.

Easy Installation and Maintenance The DDS All Rate is configured using simple, clearly marked switches on the bottom of the unit. The optioning information is contained in a chart placed next to the option switches. In fact, this DSU will automatically detect an incorrectly wired line connection and internally correct the connection. There is no need to wrestle with complicated prompts or confusing menu trees, or plow through a detailed instruction manual. The unit can be pre-configured and then delivered to a remote site for plug-in installation.

Automatic Rate Selection Service upgrades are virtually transparent to the user - including upgrades between sub-rates and from sub-rate to 56/64 Kbps operation. The unit automatically adjusts its operating rate to match the incoming signal and selects the appropriate V35 or EIA/TIA-232E interface. There are no bulky, expensive adapter cables to buy and no need to change the unit's internal printed circuit board.

Powerful Diagnostics The DDS All Rate includes a variety of features to ensure that system faults are quickly isolated and resolved. First, the unit can determine whether or not the transmit and receive wire pairs of the digital facility have been transposed. This feature alone prevents wasted troubleshooting hours.

Another unique capability is the Error Free Seconds (EFS) test, which can be set to run automatically (e.g., overnight). This allows the user to confirm that the service is performing within telephone company specifications.

The DDS All Rate also features three different Remote Digital Loopback (RDL) tests, ensuring diagnostic compatibility with many other standards-based DSUs. Tests are initiated via dedicated front panel push buttons, and the results are shown in an easy-to-read Electronic Display Window.

Superior Performance The DDS All Rate includes GDC's Extended Dynamic Range feature that assures trouble-free operation, even over lines with very low signal levels, such as unusually long subscriber loops. In 64 Kbps clear channel operation, an anti-lockup feature protects against remote CSU/DSU lockup in permanent loopback - a condition caused by data signals that look like in-band loopback command codes.

The DDS All Rate incorporates powerful VLSI and microprocessor technology, so it consumes very little power, resulting in low heat dissipation and longer component life for many years of reliable performance.

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