Industrial  Ethernet Switches

  The Magnum Ethernet line features Fiber, the preferred media for premium LAN applications that require greater distance, less EMI noise, signal security, non-conductive interconnects, and future-proof bandwidth. Choose your mix of Fiber and copper port in Ethernet switches, large and small. In the Magnum line, fiber and flexibility are designed in.

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GarrettCom’s Magnum line of Ethernet LAN products includes more than 100 standard product models divided among 10 Mb, 100 Mb, and Gigabit Ethernet switches, hubs, media converters, repeaters, concentrators, and transceivers. Modular product design allows for cost-effective network solutions and applications flexibility. Chassis sizes range from departmental units capable of controlling up to 40 ports to compact "personal" units that can fit in the tightest of places. Standard LAN management software is incorporated in several models.

The company emphasizes built-in fiber solutions and the high-reliability and performance-oriented features required for the high-availability markets. GarrettCom offers dual-source -48VDC power, NEBS and ETSI certification, and 19" RETMA or 23" Telco rack-mount options for telecommunications applications; and 24VDC or 125 VDC power, DIN-rail mounting option, built-in fiber for shielding against electrical noise and longer distance connections, and extended temperature rating for industrial automation and control applications.

Ethernet LAN for Carrier-Class and Telecom

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GarrettCom Magnum 6K16V 16 Port Fiber Industrial Configurable Managed Switch

GarrettCom Magnum 6K25 Managed Fiber Switch

GarrettCom Magnum Magnum 6K32 "High-Port Density" 24 Port Managed Switch

GarrettCom DC power hardened switch hubs

GarrettCom 4 port Industrial  grade switches

DC powered Temperature Hardened 10BaseT to 10BaseFX converter

older Magnum 1000 switches

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