Gigabit Multi-Mode to Single-Mode converter

convert Gigabit SX MM to Gigabit LX SM
using the SFMA700S85 and the SFSA7010AL31
in a FIB1A-1000DS chassis

Copper to Fiber MM and SM

1000Base-SX, Multi-Mode, 550m, 850nm SFP transceiver module
1000Base-LX, Single-Mode, 10Km, 1,300nm SFP transceiver module

SFP (miniGBIC) optical modules are all equipped with the industry standard LC optical connector. The capacity of  SFMA7000S85 module is 1.25Gbps (Gigabit rate). The transceiver extended range allows operation on either 50/125um or 62.5/125um multi-mode fiber for up to 550m distance.(Note: for 62.5/125um fiber, maximum operating distance is only 275m). The fiber standard for SFMA7000S85 is 1000Base-SX. (the SFSA7000L31 can work out to 2KM)

SFP (miniGBIC) optical modules are all equipped with the industry standard LC optical connector. The capacity of SFSA7010L31 module is 1.25Gbps (Gigabit rate). The transceiver is able to work on 9/125um single-mode fiber for up to 10Km distance. The fiber standard for SFSA7010L31 is 1000Base-LX.

Using the FIB1A1000DS series of standalone Giga media converters can be equipped with miniGBIC/SFP optical modules.

SFP's or miniGBIC modules are extremely versatile, working with any active equipment that support the SFP type of interface: Ethernet switches, routers and any other networking equipment. Our SFPs have been tested and found 100% compatible with various Ethernet switches from major manufacturers like: Cisco, Nortel, Extreme, ZyXEL, D-Link or Netgear.

Fiber power budget according to available models
fiber connector is LC

Model Distance Lambda Min. Output (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm) Power Budget (dB)
SFMA7000S85 550m 850nm -9.5 -18 8.5
SFMA7000L31 2Km 1310nm -9 -19 10
SFSA7010L31 10Km 1310nm -9.5 -20 10.5
SFSA7040L31 40Km 1310nm -4 -24 20
SFSA7050X55 50Km 1550nm -4 -24 20
SFSA7080Z55 80Km 1550nm 0 -24 24
SFSA7120Z55 120Km 1550nm 0 -30 30
SFSA7010WA 10Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -9 -21 12
SFSA7010WB 10Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -9 -21 12
SFSA7020WA 20Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -8 -23 15
SFSA7020WB 20Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -8 -23 15
SFSA7040WA 40Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm -3 -23 20
SFSA7040WB 40Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -3 -23 20
SFSA7060WA 60Km Tx:1310nm Rx:1550nm 0 -24 24
SFSA7060WB 60Km Tx:1550nm Rx:1310nm -2 -25 23


FIB1A1000DS, SFP to SFP, universal optical media converter

Product description

The core strength of FIB1A1000DS media converter is the ability to convert any signaling rate, from 155Mbps to 1.25Gbps, being an Universal Fiber Converter - ideal for any communication standard like: Fast and Giga Ethernet, STM-1 and STM-4, OC-1, OC-3, OC-12 and OC-24, FDDI or Fibre Channel.

The FIB1A1000DS Universal Fiber Converter is the state of the art versatile optical fiber media converter for 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX/ZX, WDM /CWDM to 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX/ZX or WDM/CWDM. FIB1-1000DS can accomodate any type of miniGBIC (SFP) optical modules, either multimode or singlemode type, being a perfect choice for applications requiring change from multimode to singlemode fiber operation or to single strand WDM fiber needs. Unit is offering unparalleled flexibility and easy migration from short-haul to long haul fiber connections by simply changing the optical module interface.

The unit can be used also as a repeater, to extend fiber optic communication, unit working as a 2R device (reshape and re-amplify).

The uniqueness of FIB1A1000DS universal converter series is given by the ability to convert from standalone media converters to cards for FRM301 chassis, in matter of minutes. In an always changing and growing networking environment, such a versatile feature allows network operators to switch to higher density and aggregation hubs without the need to purchase new fiber optic converters. This simple, but so reliable idea, made the FIB1-1000DS Giga Ethernet media converter one of the best choices of media converters for data carriers and service providers.

Technical specifications
Interfaces: two SFP slots supporting multi-rate up to 1.25Gbps
Connectors: two SFP(Small Form Pluggable) slots for optical modules
SFP slot: multi-rate OC1, OC3, OC12, OC24, STM-1, STM-4, FDDI, Fibre Channel 1G, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet rates supported
Functions: 2R, reshape and re-amplify, SFP 2 copies the SFP 1 slot rate; it is mandatory that SFP modules run at same rate
Front LEDs: PWR, SFP1 link, SFP2 link
Power: External 90-260V AC switching adapter 12VDC@1A with NEMA1-15(2 blades only), US type main plug
Temperature: 0 50C (Operating); -20 70C (Storage)
Humidity: 20 80% non condensing (Operating); 0 90% (Storage)
Consumption: less than 4W
Dimensions(WxDxH): 85.6mm x 122.6mm x 20mm
Weight: 340g (without AC adapter)
Compliance: CE, FCC part 15 Class A
MTBF: 50,000 hours




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