High Speed Multi-Point Multi-Drop DSP industrial grade modem

DCE IG19.2HFP-FP 19.2 Kbps High Speed Multi-Drop Multi-Point Industrial modem
DC and AC power - RS232 and RS485
Industrial Temp range modem / -40 to 85C

with AUTO RTS - Transmit Carrier can be triggered off data - view PDF for more info

Now go supper fast on a Multi-Drop and/or Multi-Point as well as Point to Point Lease Line - with wide temperature range and DC power

These modems are completely compatible with the famous
DCE IG19.2HFP-FP modems except they now can go faster
the DSP192 will work with the DSP9612 at 9600, 4800, and 1200 - 202T

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now with AUTO RTS - Transmit Carrier can be triggered off data - view PDF for more info



  • Multiple data rate support: 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, or 0-1800 bps

  • QAM modulation for 19200, 9600, 4800, or 2400 bps over Telco voice-band lines

  • FSK modulation for Bell 202T and ITU-V.23 modes

  • Fast-train high-speed data pump design for point-to-point or multipoint networks with shortest RTS/CTS delay of 17.4 ms.

  • EIA RS-232/V.24 and RS-485 DTE support

  • Cable equalizer extends operating distance over unloaded cables
    Built-in local and remote diagnostics and trouble shooting

  • Heavy-duty surge protection provided at power supply and leased line interface

  • Supports wide range of AC & DC power supply options

  • Supports DC power supplied from DTE or DB-9 connector

  • Wide range operating temperatures from -40 to +85C

  • Optional features include dry relay contact detection

modem comes with 9 pin DB9 to 25pin DB25 adaptor


High-Speed Fast-Poll Modem for Industrial Communications

The DCE Fast Poll modem is designed and manufactured from the ground up for rugged industrial communication networks. Boasting the latest innovative digital signal processing (DSP)-based communication device, the DSP19.2FP delivers a cost-effective 19200 bps asynchronous solution for point-to-point and multipoint connectivity. The DSP19.2FP Fast-Poll modem is ideal for industrial communication applications including SCADA systems, RTUs, traffic monitor and control, and industrial automation networks. The DSP19.2FP supports RTUs with an EIA RS-232 or RS-485 serial port at speeds of 19200, 9600, 2400, and 1200 bps. The DSP19.2FP Fast Poll modem is designed to operate over 4-wire or 2-wire unconditioned leased lines or private metallic circuits. For optimum performance, the modem employs QAM and FSK modulations to communicate over a variety of transmission lines.

The DCE DSP19.2FP Fast Poll modem is designed to operate with a wide range of AC or DC power supply voltages and temperatures. With proven reliability and ease of installation, the DSP19.2FP is ideal for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint polling networks, where high speed and low-network latency are critical for system performance.

Data Rate Support
Data Speed:
19200, 9600, 2400 bps in fast poll mode
0-1800 bps in Bell 202T mode
0-1200 bps in ITU-V23 mode
Data Format: Asynchronous, 8 or 9 data bits 10- or 11-bit character with 1 or 2 stop bits
QAM for 19200, 9600 and 2400 bps in fast poll mode
FSK for 0-1200 or 0-1800 for V23 or Bell 202T mode
Modem Equalizers
Automatic & adaptive equalizer
Enhanced fixed cable equalizers for extended range
Transmission Line Interface
Leased Line:
TELCO voice band 2- or 4-wire leased lines
Private or metallic circuits 2- or 4-wire, 19-26 AWG
Connector: 5-position terminal block with safety ground.
DTE/RTU Interface
The modem provides serial ports to support both the RS-232
and RS-485 interface standards:
RS-232 Interface
Connector: DB9-F
Signals: RTS, CTS, CD, TD, RD, DSR, SG
RS-485 Interface
Connector: RJ-11
Signals: 4-wire full-duplex:
TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-

Front Panel Indicators & Controls
LED. Indicators:
TEST Switch:
Push Button for Analog Loopback, Digital Loopback,
and Remote Digital Loopback
Power Supply Specifications
Three models support various power options:
Stand-alone: 90-264 VAC or 110 to 400VDC auto-ranging
Stand-alone: 10-60 auto-ranging VDC
Rack mount: RM16M module
Power Consumption:
Idle mode: 2 watts
Normal mode: 5 Watts, typical
Mechanical Specifications
Enclosure dimensions:
5.0(W) x 6.75(L) x 1.3 (H)
127mm(W) x 172mm(L) x 33mm(H)
Weight: 1.0 pound, without AC power module
Environment Specifications
Operation: -40o to + 85o C
Storage: -40o to +100o C
Up to 95 % non-condensing
Dry Contact Detection (optional)
2 optical isolated dry contact detections are provided for external devices



Model Numbers and Optional Features

modem comes with 9 pin DB9 to 25pin DB25 adaptor

Ordering Information

IG192HFP Standalone AC voltage (100-240 VAC)
IG192HFP-LV Standalone DC voltage (10-48 VDC)
IG192HFP-HV Standalone High DC voltage (100-240 VAC, 85-400 VDC)
IG192HFP-RM RM16M Rack-mount module
IG192HFP-WMB Wall-mount/panel-mount kit
IG192HFP-DIN DIN rail mounting kit

DCE IG192HFP Hyper Fast Poll Modem


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85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC

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Low Voltage Range 10 to  60 volts DC

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card modem for RM16M chassis




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