Telenetics DSP9612RM Modem

Dual Mode: DSP9612RM modem -
9600 Fast Poll / multidrop
multipoint and FSK Bell 202T 0-1800 bps
rack mounted modems for central site applications

The ID96HFP modem now supersedes the DSP9612 FP-LV-RM and modems and is completely compatible. The IG96HFP is ideal for point-to-point and multi-point polling network with the industry's fastest training time.
(This part number change allows us to harmonize the older DSP part number in to our newer DCE IG product line)

Now go supper fast (19.2Kbps) on a Multi-Drop-Point Lease Line -
with wide temperature range and DC power

see the new DSP19.2FP modem

Telenetics DSP9612RM Modem  9600 bps, Fast Poll multi-drop multipoint Modem

  • Dual Mode: 9600/4800 bps and FSK, Bell 202T 0-1800 bps

  • Fast train modem equalizer with 23 msec RTS/CTS delay

  • DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer

  • Leased-line interface protected with heavy-duty surge protection

  • Installs in the Telenetics and Motorola UDS
    RM16M Universal Data Shelf

The Telenetics FlashPoll DSP9612RM modem is a dual mode, full-featured 9600 Fast Poll and Bell 202T leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry: 23msec RTS/CTS delay. Ideal for utility and industrial automation multi-dropping applications, including SCADA systems, traffic automation and oil & gas automation projects, where an unlimited number of drops is desirable. The DSP9612RM is a rack-mount modem designed for 4-wire, full-duplex or 2-wire, half-duplex operation over a voice-band leased line. The modem design utilizes the latest digital-signal processing (DSP) technology to achieve high performance. In FlashPoll Mode (9600/4800 bps), the DSP9612RM employs Telenetics’ proprietary modulation and encoding scheme to achieve fast modem training time. In Bell 202T Mode, the modem is also backward compatible with Bell 202T (0 – 1800 bps) modems. Ideal for systems where fast response, short training time and low throughput delay is required, FlashPoll is optimized for fast receiver equalizer training and extremely low throughput delay. The dual mode capability allows the DSP9612RM to communicate with existing Bell 202T (0-1800, bps) remote modems, which can then be upgraded at a later date to Telenetics DSP9600FP FlashPoll standalone modems (see separate Data Sheet).

Telenetics DSP9612RM modem card dual-mode 1200/9600bit/s fast poll modem for use in industrial and harsh environmental applications.


  • Fast train modem equalizer with
    23 ms RTS-CTS delay 

  • DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer.

  • Leased-line interface protected with heavy-duty surge-protection 

  • Easily accessible DIP switches for user configuration 
  • DB-25 connector for RS-232/V.24 interface 
  • Diagnostic functions include LED monitoring, local analog, local digital, and remote digital loop-back 
  • Installs in the Telenetics and Motorola UDS
    RM16M Universal Data Shelf™

 General Specifications
for the Telenetics DSP9612RM Modem

Data rate:

9600 or 4800 bps asynchronous, +1 % - 2.5%

Bell 202T Mode:

0 – 1800 bps asynchronous,

Data format:

8 or 9 data bits with 1 or more stop bits

Line requirement:

TELCO Voice band 4 or 2 wire leased line

Private metallic circuits:

26 to 19 AWG

Operating modes:

2-wire half-duplex or 4-wire full-duplex




Automatic, adaptive 

Training time:

RTS to CTS delay, 23 ms

Cable equalizer:

Fixed transmitter and receiver cable equalizer, selectable (each cable equalizer is half of a 25 K ft 24 AWG cable)

Power supply:

powered from the RM16M chassis

Surge protection:

Provided at power line and leased line Up to 15KV  (Standalone version)

Carrier loss recovery:

Built-in Train on Data (typically less than 30 sec)

Receiver Dynamic Range:

+3 to-30 dbm or-10 to -43 dbm (DIP switch selectable)

Operating Temperature:

-40C to +85C

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Flash Poll TM DSP 9612 Modem


DSP9612FP modem

85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC

DSP9612LV modem

Low Voltage Range 10 to  53 volts DC

DSP9612RM modem

card modem (chassis can be 115VAC or 48VDC)

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