DCB Modems dial and lease line


Dial-Up D-Series Modems
D56K US V.90 Modulation
D56K INTL V.90 Modulation
D56PD Domestic with conversion cpu
D56PI International with conversion cpu
V.23 Leased Line Modem standalone
V.23 Leased Line Modem rackmount
FOM-1MM Fiber Optic Modem
FOM-2MM Fiber Optic Modem
FOM-1SM Fiber Optic Modem
FOM-2SM Fiber Optic Modem
X2 Wireless/Dial Line Modem
Leased Line Modems
202T Leased Line Modem stand alone
202T Leased Line Modem rackmount
PL 4.8 V.27 4 Wire Leased Line
PL 19.2 T 4 Wire Leased Line
LL 9.6 4 Wire/V.29 Pt./Pt.
LL 9.6FP 4 Wire Fast Poll/V.29
Link1/TadilB modem - call HDT Comm at 702
DCB L1 Rack, 20 slots for Link1, 202T


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