NetVanta 900 T1 Access Routers
with 48-port Analog Voice

  The NetVanta 900 supports up to 48 analog FXS interfaces along with an integral IP router.

NetVanta 900 Series  

The NetVanta 950 is a cost-effective, modular access router with analog, TDM voice support. It is ideal for cost-effective deployment of integrated services for small- and medium-size businesses and benefits both enterprise users and service providers with integrated access offerings. This product supports up to 48 analog FXS interfaces along with an integral IP router that uses the ADTRAN Operating System (OS) for advanced routing functionality. The integral IP router supports all of the same features of the widely deployed series of NetVanta access routers. Two T1 interfaces on the chassis along with six user access slots provide support for TDM voice-only, data-only, or converged voice/data applications. User modules include Octal FXS, FXO, and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet Switch. A T1/V.35 special module can be added for a 3rd T1 or DSX-1 interface. Scalable and easily configurable using a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI), the NetVanta 950 is ideal for consolidating services and reducing costs.

Spare AC Power Supply Module 

NetVanta 950 AC Power Supply   

  • Spare AC power supply module for the NetVanta 950
  • Converts 120VAC to shelf voltages
  • Provides Battery Backup System charging current
  • Installs in left slot (PSU) of the Netvanta 950


Spare IAD System Controller 


NetVanta 950 IAD Controller

  • Includes integral dual T1 (RJ-48) interfaces and the access router
  • Access router for Internet access, public and private Frame Relay, and leased line connections.
  • Stateful inspection firewall protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • QoS with DiffServ aware Weighted Fair Queuing for delay sensitive traffic like VoIP
  • Supports OSPF, RIP, static routing, and bridging
  • Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT) conceals private IP addresses
  • Auto-sensing 10/100BaseT interface to accommodate mixed Ethernet environments
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) whicm mimics de facto industry standard
  • Hot-swappable
  • Installs in Controller (0) slot


Octal Ethernet Switch 

NetVanta 950 Octal Ethernet Switch    

  • Eight 10/100Base-T interfaces
  • Supports Auto-negotiation and Auto MDI/MDIX crossover
  • Installs in any Access Module Slot 2-7
  • Aggregates switch ports when installed in module slots 2-6
  • Acts as stand-alone, isolated switch when installed in Slot 7
  • Hot-swappable


Octal FXS Module 


NetVanta 950 Octal FXS Module   

  • Supports Loop Start or Ground Start signaling
  • 5 REN/port (35 REN maximum for system)
  • 70 VRMS with 20 VDC offset - open circuit, no load
  • Balanced, internal, sinusoidal ring generation
  • Programmable transmission levels and AC impedance
  • Hot-swappable
  • Installs in any Access Module Slot 2-7


T1/V.35 Expansion Module 


NetVanta 950 T1/V.35 Module       

  • Supports a T1 and V.35 serial interface
  • Hot-swappable
  • Installs in Expansion Slot (1)
  • Used as optional 3rd full T1 for WAN or DSX-1 with Cross-over cable (shipped with card)
  • Independent T1 and V.35 interface can be used individually or simultaneously
  • V.35 data rate: 56k to 1.536 Mbps


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