Penril V32 Modems-
Penril ALX V.32 Modem

Penril Data Fax Modem, V.32, V32M managed, 14.4M managed with real time clock -
Standalone and Rackmount versions, LCD front panel, 2/4 wire operation, 117 VAC 

Penril V32 Modems- Penril ALX V.32 Modem Family 


Penril ALX V.32 Modem

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P3192-0001, P3192-0002, P3192-0003, P2632-001, P2532-01,P2532-01, P2532R-01, P2533-01, P2533-07, P2533-09, P2432-01, P2433-01

Penril ALX V32  Modems- Penril P3192 PP2532 P2533 P2432 P2433 Modems

The Penril V.32/19.2 Modem, part number P3192-0001 is a desktop analog modem with a telephone line interface that is designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. and Canadian telephone networks. The modem operates at speeds up to 19.2K over the standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in accordance with ITU-T V.32 recommendation and over 2 or 4 wire unconditioned leased lines. The Penril Communications V.32/19.2K modem supports continuous Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and telephone line status reporting and comprehensive diagnostics. 

Ordering #'s:

ALX V.32/19.2 (V.terbo) Data & Fax standalone P3192-0001
ALX V.32/19.2M (V.terbo) Data & Fax managed standalone P3192-0002
ALX V.32/19.2 (V.terbo) Data & Fax rack-mount w/LCD P3192-0003
ALX V.32/19.2M(V.terbo) Data & Fax managed rack-mount w/LCD P3192-0004
ALX V.32/19.2 (V.terbo) Data & Fax low-profile P3192-0005
ALX V.32/19.2M (V.terbo) Data & Fax managed low-profile P3192-0006
ALX V.32/14.4 Data & Fax standalone P2633-001
ALX V.32/14.4M Data & Fax managed standalone P2633-101
ALX V.32/14.4 FAX rack-mount P2633R-001
ALX V.32/14.4 Data & Fax low profile rack-mount P2633R-002
ALX V.32/14.4M Data & Fax managed rack-mount w/LCD P2633R-101
ALX V.32/14.4M Data & Fax managed low-profile rack-mount P2633R-102
ALX V.32 Data & Fax standalone P2632-001
ALX V.32M Data & Fax managed standalone P2632-101
ALX V.32 Data & Fax rack-mount w/LCD P2632R-001
ALX V.32 Data & Fax low-profile rack-mount P2632R-002
ALX V.32M Data & Fax managed rack-mount w/LCD P2632R-101
ALX V.32M Data & Fax low-profile rack-mount P2632R-102
ALX V.32M managed stand-alone P2532-01
ALX V.32M managed rack-mount P2532R-01
ALX V.32M managed low-profile rack-mount P2532R-02
ALX V.32/14.4M managed stand-alone P2533-01
ALX V.32/14.4M managed stand-alone with real-time clock P2533-07
ALX V.32/14.4M/V 29FT managed stand-alone P2533-09
ALX V.32/14.4M managed rack-mount P2533R-01
ALX V.32/14.4M managed low-profile rack-mount P2533R-02
ALX V.32/14.4M managed rack-mount with real-time clock P2533R-07
ALX V.32/14.4M managed low-profile with real-time clock P2533R-08
ALX V.32/14.4M/V 29FT managed rack-mount P2533R-09
ALX V.32/14.4M/V 29FT managed low profile P2533R-10
ALX V.32 stand-alone P2432-01
ALX V.32 rack-mount P2432R-01
ALX V.32 low-profile rack-mount P2432R-02
ALX V.32/14.4 stand-alone P2433-01
ALX V.32/14.4 rack-mount P2433R-01
ALX V.32/14.4 low-profile rack-mount P2433R-02


ALX V.34/33.6M FAX

ALX V.32/19.2 FAX

ALX V.32/19.2M FAX

ALX V.32/14.4 FAX

ALX V.32/14.4M FAX



ALX V.32/14.4M

ALX V.32/14.4


ALX V.32

ALX V.32/14.4M/V.29

DX144 V.32/14.4 FAX

DX144M V.32/14.4 FAX

DX V.32terbo

DX V.32terboM

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