Star-Comm Low Speed Modems

Solutions for Utility and Industrial Automation SCADA
applications including dial up and leased line modem

V22bis, V22, V21, BELL 212A, BELL 103J, DC power 9-72 VDC or AC

DIAL AND LEASED LINE MODEM 300, 1,200, 2,400bps

Low Speed Modems All low speed models offer an AT compatible command interface and support the following modulation standards: V.22bis, V.22, V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 103J.

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AC and DC Powered
Made in USA

There are many applications where nothing will do the job as reliable or economically as a low speed modem. StarComm understands low speed modem requirements and is committed to the ongoing development and production of a full range of products.

The StarComm family of low speed modems ranges from products as generic as our 2400bps smart modem to specialty items such as the 2400EQ quick connect modem for the transaction processing industry. In between, you will find a range of devices capable of dial or leased line operation at all speeds from 2400bps on down to those low bit rates that can only be accomplished with a Bell 103 FSK modem. When your requirements call for a commercial quality, low speed device, you can count on StarComm to provide the right solution.

2400E SMART MODEM - This device provides a complete implementation of the standard 2400bps smart modem. It provides compatibility with the V22bis, V.22, Bell 212A, and Bell 130J standards for modem operation and offers a complete AT command set for configuration and dialing. In addition, this device offers a "dumb" mode of operation for connection to equipment such as telephone switches or control systems that may be constantly streaming data. The 2400E is available in our standard stand alone package and may be connected to either an AC or DC supply.

2400EQ QUICK CONNECT TRANSACTION MODEM - This device is designed to provide a unique quick connect sequence which dramatically decreases the connect time required for transaction processing. Although the 2400EQ utilizes a unique connect sequence, it is compatible with standard V.22bis, V22, Bell 212A, and Bell 130J modems and is currently in operation with all major credit card terminals. The 2400EQ offers an internal speed buffer so that the authorization computer (DTE) may communicate with the modem at 2400bps while the modem automatically adjusts to calls at 2400bps, 1200bps or 300bps. The 2400EQ provides a standard AT command set for configuration and control. The 2400EQ is available in either stand alone or rack mount configurations and may be powered from an AC or DC supply.

2400E-2 DIAL AND LEASED LINE MODEM - In addition to all of the features and in our 2400E smart modem, this device offers a 2 and 4 wire leased line interface which is capable of driving standard leased telephone circuits or short haul twisted pair. Another unique feature of this device is its ability to communicate at any bit rate Both I -- 300bps when operating in Bell 103 mode. Since the 2400E-2 utilizes an on-board micro-controller, custom interfaces and options, such as speed buffering and protocol support, can be implemented for OEM applications. The 2400E-2 is available in either stand alone or rack mount configurations and may be powered from an AC or DC supply.

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