Telenetics Motorola UDS 202 modem

Hardened industrial grade VDC power modems for communications solutions for Business, Utility and Industrial applications including Digital, dial up - leased line - cellular/cell modems.

The 202 Modem  can dial up or 202 Modems can lease line

The MOT202 202 modem is a lease line - as in MOT202T modem

New Product Release  

The "Born Again UDS 202T" Modem

Telenetics introduces the latest addition to the family of industrial grade, temperature hardened Modems, Model MOT202T. This 0-1800 bps leased telecom line or private wire modem is a pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for Motorola Model RM16M 202 modem. Telenetics recently signed a manufacturing license and distribution agreement with Motorola and acquired the remaining products of this bellwether modem.

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UDS 202T modem

Out soon The dual 202 - 9600 fast poll modem
A dual speed Fast Poll Modem that combines a 9600 bps, and the 0-1800 bps, Bell 202T.

The MOT202T is a direct pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for the very popular 30-year-old design that Motorola acquired through the purchase of Universal Data Systems and is purported to be the largest installed base of 1800 bps modems that is multidrop and in demand.

We are dedicated to the continued support of past and current customers for this historic line of modems. The MOT202T is an adaptation of an existing Telenetics model that has an installed base of hundreds of thousands of units. We have a hard time saying this is a new product, because of our 20 plus year history of producing other models with shared designs. This "Born Again" aspect will insure our continued ability to produce this high performance product for the foreseeable future."

Combining other, higher speed Telenetics 202 modem models with this medium speed installed product, will afford the installed base of users the option of up-grading the speed of their systems without changing the wiring or physical slots.  A dual speed Fast Poll Modem is the first of these products that combines a 9600 bps, 23 ms training time and the 0-1800 bps, Bell 202 modem.

202 modems
(MIU202T, MIU202T LV & MIU202TPowerPort)

UDS "Born Again" 202T
Telenetics/UDS/Motorola 202T VDC modem

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