DSU Digital Service Units 

UDS family of lower speed CSU DSU
D19.2, D56, DDSMR1, DDSMR64, DU100, 3512 CSU/DSU

The DSU/CSU family that was available from UDS includes: 

(the below units cover up to 1996)

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TA120 - This ISDN terminal adapter provides voice and data communications over ISDN basic rate lines. This model interfaces with the user's personal computer or other data terminal equipment, and also interfaces with traditional telephone sets to permit simultaneous voice and data transmission over a 2-wire RJ45 connection in conjunction with an NT1 device. It provides two 64 kbps "B" channels and one 16 kbps "D" channel. It transmits 300 to 19200 bps asynchronous data and 1200 to 64000 bps synchronous data. Compatible with Northern Telecom DMS-100 and AT&T 5ESSŪ central office switches, its liquid crystal display packaging provides 32-character display and 3-button programming of all options from the front-panel. The TA120 supports AT command set auto dial. Also supports front panel dialing of stored numbers and DTR dialing. It is available with an optional numeric keypad.


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