Mini Converter RS-232-V.35
V.35 cable & V.35 cable gender mender
M/34 to M/34 and V.35-M/34 cable to DB25


Mini Converter RS-232-V.35

Bridge the gap between LAN and WAN hardware!

Key Features

Technically Speaking

The Mini Converter RS-232 - V35 is typically used in LAN-WAN connectivity, video conferencing, and other high-speed applications where one vendor DEC required to communicate with other vendor's DTE.

This Converter is the missing link" between Local-Area computing hardware and Wide-Area communications hardware. Supporting synchronous data rates to 384 Kbps, this is the smallest converter of its kind on the market, and requires no AC power or batteries to operate.

With its DCE/DTE switching capability, the Converter lets a V.35 host talk to a synchronous RS-232 modern, or a synchronous RS-232 terminal talk to a V.35 CSU/DSU ' Once you've set the DCE /DTE straps, there's no other configuration needed for the Converter.

The Mini Converter connects directly to the synchronous RS-232 interface using a male or female DB25 connector. A male or female M34 connector at the end of an integral 6.5-foot (2-m) cable plugs into the V.35 device. The Mini Converter is also available without the cable.

Since it's protocol independent and passes all appropriate data, clocking, and control signals, the Converter is as easy to use as a patch cable. It should be in every system integrator's toolbox.



Mini Converter RS-232- V.35 (with 6' foot cable)

                            DB25 female/M34 male                  IC222A-M                  $244.00

                            DB25 female/M34 female              IC222A-F                     $244.00

                            DB25 male/M34 male                     IC223A-M                  $244.00

                            DB25 male/M34 female                  IC223A-F                    $244.00


Mini Converter RS-232- V.35 (without cable)

                            DB25 female/M34 male                  IC955A-M                 $244.00

                            DB25 female/M34 female              IC955A-F                         $244.00

                            DB25 male/M34 male                     IC956A-M                         $244.00

                            DB25 male/M34 female                  IC956A-F                         $244.00

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