CDS-9020 CDS-9022

CDMA-AMPS Dual mode Cellular Modem
(Tri-mode soon to be released)

CDS-9020 CDS-9022
800 or 1.9Mhz Fixed Wireless Modem
Data-Remote CDS-90XX Cellular modem for 
CDMA and Analog Cellular data or PCS

Whether you need primary modem service, backup or remote data access, this versatile, single-line Cellular Data System (CDS) puts immediate DATA and fax capability at your fingertips. Simply plug your standard RS-232 (DTE device) into the CDS-9020's female DB-9 or use the 8 position terminal block for industrials applications. And take advantage of the exceptional data transfer offered by rapidly expanding CDMA 800 & Analog Cellular system and PCS 1.9MHz network. The CDS-9020 for CDMA is the ideal communication solution for today's wireless communications needs. Benefits, Immediate modem access. Easy to use for bypassing high-cost wired service, Digital data privacy, lower airtime cost and 80% less current drain for solar applications, optional Built-in battery backup for self-contained operation during AC power outages.  Sleek, rugged, compact design.  Exceptional data quality with Built-in signal-strength and self-monitoring, programming capabilities for user diagnostics.  6 inputs and  6 outputs for remote monitoring.  (Note: If the customer needs special features added there will be a one time NRE cost.  The unit comes with real time signal strength monitoring, voltage monitoring, current monitor and 4 windows so you can program the unit to power up at specified times within a 24 hour time period.

The CDS 9022 now has a analog modem module.  That will be a optional module for sites that do not have CDMA data access.  Or it can be used with the GPS module so when the unit travels in area's CDMA data is not present it will switch to analog mode.  So you can be sure you will always be in contact with your data.  And you still get the low digital rates.

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Part numbers

CDS 9020 = CDMA Modem 800MHz or 1900MHz only

CDS 9022 = CDMA 800MHz or 1900MHz with the Analog Modem Module dual mode

CDS 9050 = CDMA Modem 800MHz or 1900MHz with a GPS engine

CDS 9052 = CDMA and Analog Modem 800MHz or 1900MHz with a GPS engine

DR-AMM = Analog Modem module (CDS-9020 upgrade only)

DR-GPS = GPS Module that mounts directly to the CDS-9020 board

All CDS-9020 units come with CDMA Modem, Programming software,
modem mounted Antenna, Modem\Programming cable DB-9M to DB-9F and Manual.

DR-Solar Digital = Solar kit for the CDS-90xx
(kit includes NEMA 4x Enclosure, solar panel, 18Ahr Battery)

All antenna’s come with 12 feet of cable and RF connectors

DR-NP8000 = Lo-Pro Low profile 3db gain antenna (800MHz or 1.9GHz)

DR-Y3383-806 =Yagi 3 to 12 element antenna (call for correct site matching) please call for price

DR-Y3383-1.9 =Yagi 3 to 10 element antenna (call for correct site matching) please call for price

DR Omni Ant Omni 3db to 5db pole mount, wall mount & trunk mount antenna

DR Omni 1.9GHz Omni 3db to 5db pole mount, wall mount & t runk mount antenna

DR-Coax = Custom coax cable lengths up to 80 feet $1.50 Per foot plus connectors

DR-TNC = TNC Connectors


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