CODEX 3460Fast'R Modem

The 3460 FastR Modem Series of network managed V.34 modems offers the performance and reliability you've come to expect from Motorola, a worldwide leader in high speed analog technology. Integrating V.34 standard technology, the FastR modems offer optimum performance over any telephone circuit with speeds up to 33.6Kbps and actual throughput up to 230.4Kbps


also see Telenetics 3460Fast'R SLR modem

New Fax Beta Software
Release 4.0 offers all of the features/functionality of the 3460 Fast'R modem with the addition of fax support. The 3460 Fast'R modem supports Class 1 and Class 2.0 fax interfaces. Class 2.0 support is unique in that it can auto-detect incoming data (RAS) calls from fax calls! At-a-glance status shows modem performance. Provides configured and actual line rate and throughput. The modem daughter-card has two LEDs on the rear panel.

Motorola Adaptive Rate System (ARS) Automode, Autobaud

Years of Motorola modem experience have produced one of the industry’s best algorithms for selecting the optimum modulation scheme, the highest DTE rates, and automatically falling forward and back data rates to ensure the highest error free data throughput

Extensive security features
Controls unauthorized access - freezes out hackers

Integral Circuit Quality Monitoring System (CQMS)
Real time line statistics for pro-active network management

V.54 diagnostic test suite
Industry standard tests isolate any degradation in network performance 

Motorola Customer Support
Service and support worldwide when you need it

Compliance to Industry Standards
Ensures interoperability and compatibility.

Complies to Relevant Safety & Emissions Standards
Available world wide.

Flash Memory
Easy upgrade of 3460 Fast'R software releases.

Fast'RVu Windows based PC Application Software
Simple and quick installation of central sites - in just minutes !
Pull-down, menu driven GUI Interface for configuration, test and real time modem status and line quality of both local and remote modems saves valuable time and costly mistakes - anyone can easily set-up and monitor the 3460 Fast'R modems. 

9000 UX or PC SNMP management

Full management including extensive user programmable alarms on a wide variety of operational and performance parameters. Reports and statistics on faults and utilization, facilitates optimization of dial pool resources to maximize user satisfaction.

Fast'R PLUS LCD Front Panel

The 16-character display and four pushbuttons let you view and change configuration parameters. It also allows you to initiate tests and view status.

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Transmission Rates: Operating Modes Calling Interfaces Line Types Error Correction & Data Compression Transmitter Section Environment Certification Compliance/Approvals Physical


Power Requirements
Standalone: 9V AC, 50/60 Hz, 800 mA
Nest: 100/120/200/240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1.2/1.0/0.6/0.5 A

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