Cellular to 802.11b/g Gateway

Cellular Gateway provides internet access over today’s ubiquitous wireless networks.  For the first time, mobile and remote users can access the internet and their corporate network using standard Ethernet and 802.11b/g Wireless LAN interfaces on the go.  The Cellular Gateway provides always-on network connectivity whether you are at home, cruising or stopped at your favorite spot — all you need is cell coverage.

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The Cellular Gateway’s PC Card slot allows you to use standard cellular WAN cards available from leading carriers. Once you purchase a card and activate a data plan—
you are ready to go.  Widely available CDMA 1X, GPRS and EDGE PC Cards are supported.  UMTS and EV-DO networks provide speeds that rival wired broadband solutions.

Your network is secure with the Cellular Gateway’s unsurpassed security features for authentication, encryption and accounting.  Built-in authentication servers allow you to take advantage of Windows XP native wireless security.  The NAT router shields your local network from internet threats while services stop unauthorized users from accessing your network.

With the Cellular Gateway’s high level of hardware integration and comprehensive set of software features, Alliant Networks
offers an unprecedented connectivity solution.  Connect as many users to the network as you like using the Cellular Gateway’s integrated NAT router and DHCP server.  The included vehicle power adapter means you can take your network with you.

The Cellular Gateway has a high speed serial port which allows the connection of a variety of serial devices such as: GPS receivers, printers, scanners, and a multitude of specialized equipment to your LAN.   With the Cellular Gateway’s high level of hardware integration and comprehensive set of software features, Alliant Networks offers an unprecedented connectivity solution
for mobile users.


•   802.11b/g Access Point

•   Built-in Authentication Servers
•   Advanced Wireless Security
•   VPN Transparency


•   10/100 Mbps Ethernet with Auto-Crossover

•   Supports most Cellular WAN PC Cards
•   High Speed Serial Port
•   Integrated NAT Router with DHCP Server
•   Ruggedized Version with GPS Available 


•   Effortless Setup with no Drivers Needed    
•   Provides Stand-alone Advanced Security 

•   Allows True Mobile Connectivity

•   Shares a Single WAN Internet Connection with Multiple Users and Devices
•   PC Card Interface Allows Flexibility in Selecting and Upgrading a WAN Connection
•   Enterprise Level Security Features Keep Your Data Safe
•   Provides Internet Access through Cellular WAN Connection Using Standard Ethernet and 802.11 Network Interfaces
    in a Single Compact Unit



The Cellular Gateway provides connectivity where traditional networking methods often fall short of delivering cost-effective, convenient, fast, always-on network access. In addition to the Ethernet and 802.11 interfaces, the Cellular Gateway has a
high speed serial port that enables network connectivity to any serial device.  The Cellular Gateway can be used on a desktop
or in more demanding applications.

•    Public safety officers can rely on a fast, always-on data link.    
•    RV and boat owners can access the internet same way they do at home.
•    Service fleets can download technical information & update work orders.    
•    Rental car and hotel shuttles can provide mobile internet access to their business customers.
•    Temporary offices, booths and kiosks can be networked instantly.    
•    Sales professionals can use the same internet connection at home and on the go.
•    Isolated security systems, smart billboards and vending machines can be monitored and updated

Part No.  Description 
A82-6402  Ruggedized Cellular Gateway - ACGW103-R (Metal Enclosure, RP-SMA removable antennas)
A82-6401  Ruggedized Cellular Gateway - ACGW103-RG
Metal Enclosure, RP-SMA removable antennas, integrated GPS with external SMA-F antenna connector  (GPS antenna not included)
CELLULAR     Management
Supported PC Cards    
      Supports most Cellular WAN PC Cards from leading    
      suppliers including:      
            Sierra Wireless AirCard 550

            Sierra Wireless AirCard 555D
            Sierra Wireless AirCard 750
            Sony Ericsson Edge PC Card GC82

            Sony Ericsson Edge PC Card GC83
      Note: Cellular PC Card not included.

EV-DO cards will be supported in late Q4-2004.
      Radius Accounting

      SNMP v1/v2/v3 
      CLI - Serial and Telnet
      Pre-IP  Discovery with IP configuration 

      Backup & Restore

      Bulk Configuration
      Available data technologies include:
            GSM: GPRS/EDGE/UMTS
            CDMA: CDMA 1X/EV-DO                  



DNS Proxy 
DHCP Server/Client 
802.1d Learning Bridge


802.11b/g WIRELESS LAN  
      Fixed Omni-directional with Diversity
      CCMP(AES) (available with firmware upgrade)  

Data Rates 1200bps to 115Kbps
Data Format 7,8 data bits; 1,1.5,2 Stop bits;
even, odd or no parity

DCE device with RTS/CTS flow control
Connector: Female DB9

ETHERNET (802.3) 
   10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 with MDIX auto-crossover



   802.1x Authenticator
      Radius Client: All Standard EAP Types,
      including TTLS, PEAP, TLS, MD5 

      Built-in TTLS and PEAP Servers
      802.11i (RSN) (available with firmware upgrade)  

802.1x Supplicant                                

     Wireless LAN
     Serial TX/RX                  
     Ethernet Link/Activity

6.7 x 4.2 x 1.6 in    0.6 lb

9-18 VDC, 15 W max. 
AC power supply & Vehicle DC power adapter included

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