Telenetics Modem

Telenetics MIU2.4 / MIU2.4LV modem at 2.4Kbps
Telenetics MIU14.4 / MIU14.4LV modem for 14.4Kbps
Telenetics MIU28.8 / MIU28.8LV modem for 14.4Kbps
Telenetics MIU202T / MIU202TLV modem for 1.2Kbps FSK

Telenetics modems are for applications that need to be hardened and industrial grade. Used in applications for Business, Utility and Industrial applications including dial up, leased line and also cellular - Cell modems.

The MIU modem series are used for those applications
that need a rugged RTU or PLC modem to be installed at a remote site -
where a service call can mean an all day trip)


To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of "remote" remote sites and industrial facilities. Telenetics has developed a family of data communications products that can operate from various AC & DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.

Telenetics has designed RTU PLC modems that work in "remote" remote sites with very low failure rates. These devices work where other modems roll over and die. When a service call to a remote site can mean an all day trip these modems are the ideal solution.


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