Canoga Perkins 2262
T1 E1 Fiber Optic Modem

The Canoga Perkins 2262 T1 E1 fiber modem is a very reliable E1 T1 fiber modem supporting standard speeds of 2.048Mbps E1 CEPT and 1.544Mbps DS1 over multimode and single mode fiber.

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Canoga Perkins 2262
T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modem

120VAC, 240VAC and -48VDC

These fiber optic modems can be  used to extend a DEMARC from room to room - building to building  and on campus

When you need T1 fiber modems that you can count on the Canoga Perkins 2262 is the first choice for those critical T1 lines -

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Canoga Perkins 2262 T1- E1 Fiber modem Features
  • 2.048Mbps or 1.544Mbps
  • Transparent to line codes; passes bipolar violations
  • 850nm multimode optics
  • 1310nm single mode optics
  • Standalone or rack mount
  • Local/remote loopback
  • Alarm relay contacts
  • 120VAC, 240VAC and -48VDC


The Canoga Perkins 2262 E1/T1 fiber optic modem supporting standard speeds of 2.048Mbps (CEPT) and 1.544Mbps (DS1) .

The Canoga Perkins
2262 E1/T1 fiber optic modem provides a transparent fiber optic link extension for E1 or T1 signals. It accurately transmits and receives bipolar line codes such as AMI, B8ZS, and HDB3.

The Canoga Perkins
2262 fiber modem is available as a stand alone unit or as a rack mount card for installation in a Canoga Perkins 2201 rack mount chassis. A variety of electrical interface connectors are available to facilitate its connectivity with a multitude of E1/T1 products.

Switch selectable 75 ohm unbalanced and 120 ohm balanced interface impedances for E1 applications are supported. The T1 versions come standard for 100 ohm balanced impedance operation.

The Canoga Perkins
2262 fiber modem is available with 850nm multimode optics and 1310nm single mode optics. With a 1310nm laser on single mode cable, transmission distances to 25 km or more are possible. ST or FC fiber interface connectors are available.

For applications that require many modems, the 2201 Rack Assembly holds up to ten 2200 Series Modems. Standard features of the 2201 include audio, visual and dry contact alarms and power failure monitor. Redundant power is also available as an optional feature.

Typical Application


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