Data Remote CDS Cell Cellular modem

1G Analog AMPS - 2G - 2.5G CDMA (820MHz and 1.9MHz)
Cellular Modems for the harsh environment

Works in 97% of the United States

The CDS is a self-contained wireless Cellular Modem Data System that is cost effective for remote telemetry/meter reading, data application, and voice. The CDS products establishes a new benchmark for accurate and efficient data communications at an affordable price.
The CDS family of products can be installed and configured by the user within 30 minutes. Small and compact, it can be moved from site to site using AC, solar, or battery power. The unit is ideal for use with all types of remote monitoring where landlines are costly to acquire. All CDS Cellular Modems can be programmed on site or remotely via host computer. No FCC approvals are required. It is easily configured to any RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 interface, and also can mounted in a rugged NEMA-4X enclosure (Optional).

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  • AMR

  • Remote Data logger

  • RTU's

  • GPS

  • AVL

  • Telco Back Up

  • Works Just like a

  • Land Line Modem

  • With Much more Features.


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