RAD Data Communications
at Discount pricing

RADís product portfolio features a broad range of technologies, serving the access requirements of public and private network providers throughout the communications industry. These products maximize use of the access infrastructure to reduce operating expenses, enable fast payback of equipment outlays and accelerate the rollout of broadband as well as legacy services. They also help enterprise users reduce their communications expenses and build affordable private networks that address specific applications and bandwidth requirements. RAD data communications at DISCOUNT pricing



RAD ACE101 Multi-service Access Concentrator
RAD ACE202 Multi-service Access Concentrator
RAD ACE2002 ATM Termination Unit
RAD ACE50 ATM Termination Unit
RAD VMUX 2100 Voice Trunking Gateway
RAD AIRMux104 RAD AIRMux 5.8 Wireless Voice and LAN TCP/IP
RAD V.35 Converters V.35 to RS232 interface converters
RAD Megaplex 104 and 105 Compact E1 Channel Banks
RAD AMC-1 Fiber Media Converters 
RAD TinyRouter miniature IP routers
RAD TinyBridge self-learning Ethernet bridges
RAD FOM-E1/T1 RAD_T1_Fiber_Modem_FOM-T1_FOM-E1.htm
RAD FOMi-E3/T3 E3 and T3 high speed fiber optic modem




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