Technical Pages

Here's some technical information on data networking and communications for your perusal.

RS232 & Cable Diagrams info (how it works and spec. & pin outs)
X.21  info (how it works and spec. & pin outs)
RS422 info (how it works and spec. & pin outs)
RS423 info (spec. & pin outs)
RS485 info (how it works and spec. & pin outs)
RS449 info (how it works and spec. & pin outs)
RS530 info spec.
V.35 info (how it works and spec.& pin outs)
IEEE-488 info (pin layout)
the USB interface
USOC Codes
Optical Isolation stop ground loops
Ethernet Topologies Over view, cable spec., fiber, 100TX copper, Gigabit Speed nets.
10baseT 100baseTX& Data RJ45 pin out (wiring diagrams)
Did you ever stand there with a LAN cable in your hand and say "how did that pin out go"??
RJ-48C and RJ48S jack pin out
RJ 11C thru RJ48 Jacks - a Glossary 
FDDI info
Fiber Tutorial
SCSI info
LIGHTNING AND SURGE PROTECTION good Tutorial on the subject
Bell Modem Standards The old bell - 103(300bps), 212(1,200bps), 201(2,400bps), 208(4,800bps), 209(9,600)
V. Specifications X. Specifications CCITT Recommendations
NEBS Network E
quipment Building System
HDSL Basics
Frame Relay
SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service
Lease Line PAD for testing lease line modems
modem speed tutorial
Basic AT Command set
Configuring Your Modem For Optimum Performance
ISDN hot stuff!
PCMCIA Cards this is the hardest info to come by if you own a laptop (where does that all stuff plug in to) - like modems, Networks cards ect.??.

Power Supplies

Temperature Conversion table 

Links to some Patton Electronics tech pages

Twisted Pair Wiring: Color Me "Confused"
Basic Synchronous Connections
How Can You Really Tell Transmit From Receive?
Analog or Digital: Which is Best?
The FAQs of Life About G.703
A Byte About Bi-directional Parallel Protocol
About Optical Isolation
Ok! You Got Me, What’s A Print Server
Bird Tests Transient Propagation Theory
Questions and Answers on Transient Surges
X.25 Basics
What? DCE and DTE for Ethernet?
The Basics of Bandwidth

Links to some Telebyte tech pages

Ascii Chart Ascii Chart
AUI Ethernet Transceiver (AUI) Interface
V.35 V.35 Interface
Parallel - Printer Parallel Interface (Centronics Type)
Parallel - PC Parallel Port (DB-25 Female)
RS-232 DB25 RS-232 Interface
RS-232 DB9 PC Com Port -232
RS-449 RS-449 Interface
EIA-449 EIA-449 Secondary Interface
PC Mono PC Monochrome Monitor Interface
PC color PC color Monitor Interface
PS/2 PS/2 Monitor Interface
EIA-530 EIA-530 Interface Reference
Schemes Common Unshielded Twisted Pair Data and Voice Wiring Schemes
Appnote 1 Protecting Control Systems From Lightning
Appnote 2 A Supermarket Data Communications Network
Appnote 3 Protecting Patients
Appnote 4 Data Communications In Semi Conductor Fabs
Appnote 5 Lightning in the Computer Age



Here's some shareware Communications software

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